XBox 360 Elite - £210.70 Delivered
XBox 360 Elite - £210.70 Delivered

XBox 360 Elite - £210.70 Delivered

Buy forBuy forBuy for£210.70
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Lowest online price anywhere !!

Buy the XBox 350 Elite Console for only £210.70 Delivered !!

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Black console. Huge 120Gb hard drive. Black wireless controller. Black headset. Internet connectivity cable. Standard + component HD TV cable. HDMI HD TV cable. Xbox LIVE silver + 1 month trial of Xbox LIVE gold.


When I bought two xbox 360 games from littlewoods, both at purchase and in the email I received the price was quoted with the discount, When my visa statement came - they had charged me full price. I contacted them but they just said the voucher was invalid for my account (funny they let me buy thinking I had the discount).

Never again will I ever buy anything from this company.

Be Warned.

I'm glad smebody pointed out that this is really Littlewoods. For some reason I thought Additions Direct was Argos.
Its a bit missleading posting a price here because although this may be the price you agree to pay, and the price you get invoiced for. Littlewoods actually reserve the right to decide several months later how much they are actually going to charge you. If you don't comply with their demands you may get credit blacklisted, a CCJ against you, your house reposessed and/or imprisonment.

Hmmm! sounds like a bargain.


For some reason I thought Additions Direct was Argos.

It used to be Argos Additions, but they sold it to the Littlewoods Shop Direct Group, and it became Additions Direct.


If you still want to take advantage of this offer, it's quite easy to get your own 20% discount voucher code.
Just register, get them to send a catalogue, never order anything, then just sit back and wait.
If they're like every other mail order catalogue, they'll notice you haven't ordered anything in two months, and send you a 10% discount voucher.
If you ignore this, and continue to wait, bigger and better offers start rolling in.

Of course, by that time the console will probably be £210 everywhere

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Link to the ]voucher post.This deal has been ] posted before with a … Link to the ]voucher post.This deal has been ] posted before with a different code, but for some reason has been expired. Great deal but some people are wary of Littlewoods and vouchers.

That's not fair.... I checked for ages yesterday and did not find anything. And now they unexpire it...
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