Xbox 360 Elite £210.70 inc postage @ Littlewoods
Xbox 360 Elite £210.70 inc postage @ Littlewoods

Xbox 360 Elite £210.70 inc postage @ Littlewoods

Buy forBuy forBuy for£210.70
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Price obtained by using 20% voucher code: XX212

Also you may get another 6% with quidco which would make it under £200!


Would have been a good deal until I saw the words "Littlewoods" and "vouchers" together.

Yup , why post a deal when using a littlewoods voucher as it has to be sent to you.
I really dont think Littlewoods allow humans to use vouchers , im not really sure who the vouchers are intended for , maybe the living dead perhaps :roll:

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Are they not good at honouring them then?

I have no experience with vouchers @ Littlewoods

Well they charged my credit card about 6 months after i brought something using a code , saying the code wasnt sent to me and they have charged my card for the discounted amount :x
Some people have been fine using codes but others not , i guess its pot luck

Most of the items they have on the site are over prices anyway so only was worth buying of the site if you could use codes....

Guess codes are suppose to be used by the poor who pay it back slowly and incur stupid sky high intrest charges.

btw this code was already posted : hotukdeals.com/ite…od/

LOL ahh the littlewoods voucher saga continues :whistling:

Sorry it's a cold from me, good price shame about the vouchers

littlewoods + vouchers = trouble

Worked for me just bought 2 for £417.90.:thumbsup:


Worked for me just bought 2 for £417.90.:thumbsup:

Well don't open them for a couple of months.........Littlewoods may (at their whim) charge you the extra in a couple of weeks time.

My wife was sent a valid code directly by Littlewoods and they re-charged her the extra discount. She spent weeks sorting it out - fortunately she had kept all the paperwork including the voucher......

Better still if you have a credit card that you are about to ditch and transfer the balance, order the item make sure it gets charged to the card, then transfer your balance and close the card down. Play them at their own game. Littlewoods are a disgraceful company since they were taken over, I support people back to work who used to work for them and hear all sorts of horror stories.
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