XBOX 360 ELITE + 3 GAMES: £259.99 - Gamestation (NEW)
XBOX 360 ELITE + 3 GAMES: £259.99 - Gamestation (NEW)

XBOX 360 ELITE + 3 GAMES: £259.99 - Gamestation (NEW)

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Gamestation are currently offering an Xbox 360 Elite and a choice of 3 games for £259.99.

Seems a good deal to me as the console alone is worth £259.99.

The choice of games is pretty good too - you can choose 3 of the following :

Gears of War
Halo 3
Project Gotham Racing 4
Dead or Alive 4
Forza 2
Lost Odyssey

Apologies if this has already been posted. To see deal scroll to bottom of page linked.


Now this is a good deal..... HOT!

Isn't the £259.99 for the pre-owned console? Seems to be £329 for a new one. Not voting either way as I haven't a clue what Xbox bundles usually go for!:thinking:

Quick edit -the £329 deal seems to work if you stick 3 full price games/preorders into your basket, so maybe this is still a good deal:?:

Scorching if it's for a new console, freezing if it's pre-owned......Looks like preowned to me if the Gamesstation site's to be believed. So voted cold. Looks like the site's set up to look like new, but when you add to basket bang £329 for the new ones.

EDIT: Looks like it may have been an error on the site as it's working now, so this one's hot hot hot!

It states "NEW" at each item on the checkout.

SUB TOTAL £259.89
Courier Delivery: £4.95
TOTAL £264.84

Excellent deal!. I wish I'd waited!, I bought an Elite just the other week for £249 with no free games.

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I went into the store and checked...it is new in Salisbury definitely...unsure why people would pay higher price but this is definitely all new sealed stock...

Hope this helps. Will try and find out if 175w again later but guess that depends on your nearest stores stock.

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Plus 2% quidco available to cover cost of postage if ordering online rather than purchasing instore.

Quidco on hardware purchases is 2% at Gamestation
voted hot

Forza 2 OOS, hot deal tho!

Xbox elite 360 PRE-OWNED bundle (console+3 games)=£244.89
Xbox elite 360 **NEW** bundle (console+3 games)=£259.89=HOT HOT HOT...i'm off to buy it tomorrow!!:thumbsup:

You can get a 20gb prem with 3 games (new) for £199.99 but stocks will be low everywhere as they are filtering them out for the new 60gb version.

Still great value.

how much is my 20gb premium 360 worth as a trade-in as I fancy upgrading

First time I added to basket I got £329, tried again then got £264

That is a good deal, shame people vote cold before checking the deal properly.

I see all items listed "new" on my screen and the price is £264, so hot deal, not that I would buy one anyway as the PS3 is much better :-D

Picked mine uptoday and I can confirm it had a 175w power supply with it :-)

so is this as good as getting a new Premium 60GB one?

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To be honest it is entirely down to personal preference...I think the fact that it comes with three good games and HDMI lead included make this a very competitive price.

For a Premium 60gb, the best deal I think you can get is £200 from Argos with Halo 3 and Viva Pinata...(or £179.99 with no games from play.com)...if you work on assumption that Gears of War and Project Gotham Racing are worth at least £15 each (in my opinion), the HDMI lead costs as least £5, then the extra 60gb is only costing roughly £25.

Plus I prefer the Elite as it comes in Black so it will look a lot nicer with my existing DVD recorder and TV! You may not use additional 60gb space, but with facility to copy games to HDD coming shortly, it could be handy.

thanks dooby.

just checked it online and Gears, Halo 3 & Forza2 are currently out of stock. I'll have to try in store!

IMO the deal posted below is better


I got ninja gaiden 2 and soul caliber with elite for £259.99, i was told i could have any 2 games up to £39.99 each in price, well pleased

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I agree that is a great deal too, but if the two games people choose are Halo 3 and Gears of War (a possibility maybe), then you get an extra game thrown in with this one. Depends which games people want I guess.


how much is my 20gb premium 360 worth as a trade-in as I fancy upgrading

£90 trade-in value, alternatively they said it was £50 cash (screw that!). Possible that it may be lower once the 60gb model is out.
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