Xbox 360 Elite for £70.98 + Free Delivery @ Amazon
Xbox 360 Elite for £70.98 + Free Delivery @ Amazon

Xbox 360 Elite for £70.98 + Free Delivery @ Amazon

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Amazed this hasn't been posted already, maybe I was one of the first to see it.

Anyway - Amazon are doing the Xbox 360 Elite (120GB) console for £70.98.

Not really a lot more that needs to be said does it?


Edit >> Still available in "More Buying Choices" to right



that must be a miss-price surely? hot all the same!

WTF why so cheap??

So cheap, HOT..! nice one...

If its true then WOW. But I cant see Amazon honouring this one !


defo a misprice. meant to be £170

dont even bother voting on this

Ordered with 1st class postage £72.92...this seems crazy...lol

Wow, super hot!

It's gonna get realllllllllllllly hot in here

I placed my order, express delivery, cheers mate :thumbsup:

Ordered. Ridiculous price. I don't even want one!

going to get rid of my old premium now.
chose express delivery too.

wait for email as soon as someone phones up and asks why its so cheap

just ordered one, hope it comes!

wow! ordered! will bound be dissapointed due to missprice!
watch some clown order 20 to sell on ebay

worth a punt i guess

Probably a misprice, but I'll give it a go at £70!

*crosses fingers*

Worth a shot, ordered with express delivery

Auto order delivery has come through - fingers crossed they honour it!

Ridiculous price...ordered one! :-D

items dispatching sooon :thumbsup:,I can see you jump from matchstick to solar flare on this deal mate :whistling:

hotter than a hot thing, ordered cheers

ordered will see eh
Voted hot.

Got mine!

Just ordered mine with quick delivery. Just waite and see. :roll:

Ordered one, how much are these normally, RRP?

Absolutely no chance of getting it at this price but I've gone for one anyway. I'll get the popcorn ready for this evening as everyone else starts moaning about Amazon cancelling orders :-D

Original Poster

My order has just changed to:

Delivery #1: Dispatching Soon We are preparing these items for dispatch and this part of your order cannot be cancelled or changed.


Ordered one, how much are these normally, RRP?

No idea, I'm a PS3 guy - RRP is apparently £229?

ordered with express deliv - but no chance they will honour this

Damn, should've gone with Express delivery.

choose express more chance of it slipping under the radar!

If people are sensible about buying these then some people may get one for the price. but as someone else said theres bound to be an idiot who orders 10 or 20 and it gets flagged up.

Heres hoping though!


Ordered one, how much are these normally, RRP?

Just over £200 give or take a £10.

you sure it's not just the Hard Drive?

It won't be honoured, Still worth a go I suppose.

ssshhh! be quiet. maybe they won't notice

Ordered! Lol... I sooo don't expect this to turn up!

Ordered 1000. Only kidding. Worth a punt for 1. Cross my fingers, but not holding my breath!

just ordered one with next day delv. Already have a premium version, but had 3 rings the other day (fixed by unplugging console), so this would be awesome if honoured.

Can then trade in my old 360 for some Drums

Well ordered just waiting now for the email, hot hot hot anyway.:thumbsup:

ordered, not very hopeful tho!

Now £254, heres hoping peeps. EDIT went beack to £71
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