Xbox 360 Elite + GTA IV + Alone in the Dark bargain - possible 3% quidco too @ Game
Xbox 360 Elite + GTA IV + Alone in the Dark bargain - possible 3% quidco too @ Game

Xbox 360 Elite + GTA IV + Alone in the Dark bargain - possible 3% quidco too @ Game

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There are also other bundles which include different games:

360 Elite console + GTA IV + Halo
360 Elite console + Top Spin 3 + GRID Race Driver

You can also get the Premium and Arcade versions of the console with the same bundles (priced accordingly).

Saves £50 over buying the games seperately.

Deals are available online, online with click and collect and available in stores too.

I bought the 360 Elite with GTA IV + BF Bad Company yesterday before the bundles changed. I'm planning on taking BF Bad Company back once I've played through it and I'll be able to get £22 part exchange for it. Given that the console on it's own is £259.99, I'll have only effectively paid £8 for GTA IV !

It's also worth buying one of their reward cards before you purchase the console - it costs £3 as a one off payment for life and you'll then earn £7.25 on the bundle - so the reward card will have paid for itself.

Once I've included the part exchange price for the 2nd game I don't want (£22) with the reward points (£7.25 - £3 = £4.25) - I've got the console with GTA IV for £289.99 and I've got £26.25 worth of in store credit for more games / accessories...

Alternatively, you could keep the 2nd game sealed and sell it as new on ebay or elsewhere...

Anyway, all in all a very good deal regardless of what you do with the games!

Note: added a further £3 off voucher - not sure if it works...

Extra note: this is my 1st post so please be nice!


Voted hot. good deal for a great console, some good tips to, though if you play BF Bad Company online I'm not so sure you will want to part exchange it to soon it's very good..

good games, bad company is only 28.99 at shopto anyway and i dont think you will want to trade it in once you've played it, excellent game.

Non optional Bratz on the menu. Not for me.

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You were right, I decided to keep BF Bad Company! It's great fun online!

Amazon have the xbox elite + Halo 3 + GTA4 for £277.47. I ordered yesterday and also got gears of war for another £10, so total of £287.47 for console and 3 games. Gears of war appears to be out of stock today. I've been looking for a good deal for ages and nothing seemed to better this, for the games I wanted and I had amazon vouchers to use (thanks to HUKD)
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