Xbox 360 Elite(120GB) + BFBC2 + ACII - £199.99

Xbox 360 Elite(120GB) + BFBC2 + ACII - £199.99

Found 29th Mar 2010
I personally thought that this is an amazing deal, the games alone would sum up to around £50 alone at least.

You also get 2000 reward points for purchasing this deal, only eligible at GAME but will decrease the prices of future purchases. 2000 Points will equal to £5

The amazon deal include games considerably cheaper than the ones offered in this bundle.

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hot... bfbc2 is still 37 most places... and ac2 is 25... that adds up to 62... so u get the xbox 360 elite for 140ish.. and top games

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Don't forget the extra £5 in store credit as a result
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