Xbox 360 Feedback Wheel for £68.13 delivered (possibly)

Xbox 360 Feedback Wheel for £68.13 delivered (possibly)

Found 28th Jul 2007
Hmmmm wasn't too sure whether to post this as its not a straight forward deal and you may have to do some arguing....

Tesco are advertising this wheel with a picture and description of an official Microsoft Wireless Feedback Wheel. I believe this is actually for a Logitech DriveFX wheel but thats only because I compared the wheels in the past.

This is their description of the MS wheel -…mes

At first I thought I had discovered an excellent price for the official wheel but that is open to interpretation.....
Good luck
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dont mean to destroy your deal but the wheel is £52.49 inl delivery ]here
Vorban, the OP is talking about the official wheel, not the one in your post.
Vorban that wheel is here for £34 inc delivery:…643
You missing the point!!

Vorban that wheel is here for £34 inc … Vorban that wheel is here for £34 inc delivery:

Tatey - hadn't realised these were back in stock - checked last week and they weren't. Might be worth posting this as a seperate deal....

I know a couple of people were disappointed that Ebuyer had gone out of stock
Is as good as the Official wheel?
For £34 - the Logitech Wheel is an absolute bargain. I can't say how it compares to the official MS wheel as I not tried one of those. However many people who have tried both tend to favour one or the other. There doesn't appear to be a consistent winner.

This thread has some links to reviews…333

The Logitech wheel does feel like a quality wheel. Pedals work well however the feedback takes some acclimatising to (it might not be initially as forceful as you expect). After playing for an hour or so you soon get used to it and feel it lighten at speed and stiffen down one side (if you scrape the barrier etc).

Its far, far better than a Madcatz wheel I had. If you are used to using a normal controller the wheel will take several hours to get used to it and you MUST adjust the sensitivity to suit you (there are 4 settings).

Buy 2 (to get free delivery) and sell the other on Ebay for £40.....
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