Xbox 360 Forza 2 Motorsport and Wireless Controller 19.97 instore Currys
Xbox 360 Forza 2 Motorsport and Wireless Controller 19.97 instore Currys

Xbox 360 Forza 2 Motorsport and Wireless Controller 19.97 instore Currys

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Hi there, I popped in to Currys in Maidstone and managed to get the Forza 2, Viva Pinata and wireless controller packs for 14.97, it was the last one in stock.

I saw 3 boxes of Forza Motorsport + wireless controller for 19.97 though, still seems like a good deal.

I cannot guarentee it will be at all stores but it's a good price if you can find it!


Maidstone eh! My kinda town! lol

Was that town centre or Aylesford?

I went to mine and it had the one with Panda and Indie jones but scanned at £75 so thats ones not on the deal


Been this price plenty of times before in currys (in fact I took advantage last time it was posted).

Should only be sold with a console, so its down to luck whether you get anywhere with local staff.

there should be a rule for DSG deals where sku codes can be posted!

yea u get to the till with them and the worker says there only that price wen bought with the xbox360.........

heard this is a good game

£8.97 in Toysrus

Picked two up the other day at Purley. Specifically went in for a controller but they had a bin of "bargain" games. This was priced down and it was only when I looked twice that I saw it said "wireless entertainment pack". Sure enough when you take the green single disc case to the till it's swapped for a big fat box. Cheap controller.

None in Croydon.


Cook Pass Babtridge?

My local never has any deals like this


My local never has any deals like this

tell me about it, seems there's never any deals in east london, all the currys, comets, tesco direct, pcworlds within a 5 mile radius of becton NEVER have some of these really good deals,

considering the fuel to drive round it's a bit of a loss making exercise some times

Yeah, checked the Currys.Digital in the middle of Nottingham today, they were sold out.

Might see if I can try ToysRUs tomorrow, looking for one of these for my mate. I already have Forza and a reasonable complement of controllers. =)

If anyone finds one, and doesn't want it (and I don't find one and such), err... y'know. PM me? :whistling:

Original Poster

Sorry I've only just seeen all the replies.

it's the currys in the Chequers Centre in maidstone, there are still 2 copies left 19.99 I looked yesterday.

the games are in the glass cabinet on the left when your facing the xbox games.
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