XBOX 360 FULL £242.99 before Boots Advantage Points and QuidCo
XBOX 360 FULL £242.99 before Boots Advantage Points and QuidCo

XBOX 360 FULL £242.99 before Boots Advantage Points and QuidCo

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Boots have the Xbox 360 on offer at the moment, you save £10 off the price... When adding to the cart, it comes up at £242.49....

That works out as 1079 points on your card... using this code:


Gives you 1000 extra points, and dont forget to go through quidco... you get 6.5% back!

With next day delivery, works out as £232.33

Points are 1p = 1 point... so take 2079 = £20.79

If im correct, its only £213 in total?! BARGAIN! Ive just ordered one


Well I'll vote hot since no one else seems to be.

This seems like a good deal for those who use Boots points. The deal has been well put together and IMO the OP has done an excellent job in adding codes for additional points.

Funny why people vote it cold (-14 at the mo). It will go up I'm sure.

Good post and voted hot.

Thanks for the pointer wazzay2k1

ill vote hot as it does sound like a good deal with the points

I've added the info in the title as stated price should be before points and cashback.

Original Poster

Ah brill, cheers! Lets get this to the top, so everyone can take advantage!!!

Bring on Wed!!!!!

Nice deal. But the best deals are yet to come.

Heat and Rep Added.

:pirate: CJ :pirate:

Not bad, but best to buy things from Boots when they offer triple points. The Boots Xbox 360 deals have been a regular feature and I bought mine from there 6 months ago.:thumbsup:

does anyone know if these will be the new stock of xbox 360's that were made from december onwards?

Comes up as 269.99 for me when I add? Expired?

same for me :-( but good deal for those that got it


Xbox360 Full system @ £269.99
1079 Boots Points @ £10.79
1000 bonus Boots Points (BFBB43) @ £10.00
Quidco 6.5% of £269.99 @ £17.55

Total Price = £231.65 :whistling:


Xbox360 Full system @ £269.991079 Boots Points @ £10.791000 bonus Boots P … Xbox360 Full system @ £269.991079 Boots Points @ £10.791000 bonus Boots Points (BFBB43) @ £10.00Quidco 6.5% of £269.99 @ £17.55Total Price = £231.65 :whistling:

This was working last night and was coming up as £243 at checkout- appears they have fixed the glitch....

Time to click on expired button methinks...

nice deal while it lasted....

£231.65 is still a good price for a premium system!

Thats weird , now triple points are available to sweeten this deal. Must be psychic.

But the 1000 points code has expired and the price is upto £279.99

Think with triple points & quidco it works out at around £228-ish.
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