Xbox 360 games mispriced
Could be the local Cheltenham store only but it looks like games may be mispriced.
Picked up FIFA 08 which was marked at £37.98 - went to the till and got charged £24.47

The woman checked a couple of games and the same happened on them!

Be quick - they may correct at any time!


Selling online at £17 think there is a £3 vouvher on here somewhere not sure on min spend though.


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Aye but for people who want it quicker than online its a goer....not everyone has patience
And as I said originally, it wasn't just FIFA 08 that was mispriced, couple of other games she randomly checked were £24.47 (one was a WWF thing, can't remember the other)

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-89 - jeez, cheers for the comments as well
See why some people get put off using this site!


well its hardly a hot deal you donut , you went in willing to pay nearly £40 for a game you can get for half elsewhere and it was scanning at a more realistic price , hardly a hot deal is it :roll:

Voted col!1
1. Por title decription, was expecting a MUCH better deal from what I read.
2. Bad price.
3. (not quite so important for the deal status, but....) rubbish game!

You are much better off going in to Game on the high street and buying PES 6 for £1.99 than this drivel !
Although this is a cold deal, the OP should at least be commended for trying to post a good deal, just maybe a little more research in to your deals first would help


Freezing this game is £17.93p at Asda etc nowdays......

Agreed. A mis-price in itself doesn't necessarily mean a good deal. You need to compare prices with other retailers to determine that. Would also be helpful to know what other "games" were mispriced, if any.

Its £20 instore at Asda
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