Xbox 360 games reduced at ASDA
Just called into my local Asda Dundonald Belfast store and they were reducing loads of games in all catagories - PS3 Wii etc.

I got Tiger Woods PGA 09 for £5.00 & Mortal Combat vs DC for £6.00


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Thank you - BTW they also had PS3 and Wii reduced

How many games at Asda threads? Boring. You didn't even say which branch.

This has not only already been posted (once for the general sale, and too many times for individual store offers), but it has been long established that it is store specific. The fact that the OP has not even indicated which store this was in actually makes this thread even less useful than the main barrage of store specific deals on here.

Which store?

Too many of these offers are store specific so..

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Dundonald store in Belfast - the girl was marking them down as I passed by - I was on my lunch so forgive me if I didn't stop to record all the deals - even the check out girl was amazed at the reductions - there was another four people behind me in the queue with games.

You didn't happen to notice if there was any games in their top 20?
Was up earlier in the week & then had very few games left at low prices.


Tried Asda Boldon - they had some games in a sale bin but not those mentioned above, mainly DS and PS3 games.

Hope it saves some a wasted journey.

Good post mate, you get attacked on this site if you don't do everything to everyone's satisfaction, No one gives anyone time to learn, tossers.
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