Xbox 360, Halo 3, Any  Other Game, MegaPack £249!!

Xbox 360, Halo 3, Any Other Game, MegaPack £249!!

Found 1st Nov 2007
Hi everyone,

Argos are offering an amzing deal on the 360 at the moment.

Premium Console
Halo 3
Any Other Game From a List
and The Mega Pack

All for £249.50 Reserve and Collect in store


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It is not the same deal!

This deal you also get Halo 3 free aswell!!

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this is the best argos deal at the moment and has not already been posted, it is a short term offer which finishes next tuesday

Mate, it is the same deal.

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the deal in that post which has just been advertised on tv you get the console with any game from the list and the megapack, in my deal you get the console with halo 3 with any other game and the megapack!

if you read through the thread uk it is the same deal being discussed

Is the same. Read it yesterday - bought first thing this morning!

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orite sorry didnt read through the thread,
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