Xbox 360 Hard Drive: 20GB - £9.95 *Instore* @ Blockbuster
Xbox 360 Hard Drive: 20GB - £9.95 *Instore* @ Blockbuster

Xbox 360 Hard Drive: 20GB - £9.95 *Instore* @ Blockbuster

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Saw these in Orpington Blockbuster last night. 20GB drive for £9.95 and 60GB drive for £14.95. AObviously for older Xbox 360 consoles, but they fit in a slim too if you take them apart.

- jaysonic


Any evidence to confirm this ( receipt or pic of offer )

I can confirm this is a nationwide deal and is correct.

It does depend on store stock though.

I picked up a couple in Stevenage.


The one in my local store are £84!

good price for it, but this is now a bit too small for someone that plays a lot of games. You will only really be able to have one game disk installed at a time.

pies tonite

The one in my local store are £84!

Sure you're not looking at the price of a console? This is just for a hard drive.

Does this work in the PS3?

I wonder if available in my local..my age old consol could do with a 60gig


Nope, it was the hard drive


Does this work in the PS3?

lol, it could if you took it apart, installed it and formatted it but you could get a 160gb for around £25.

None in my local store. They are pre-owned for this price, which is why you saw them at £84 pies tonite.


Oh ok thanks

also i got a 120gb for £19,99 in blockbuster :-)

i got a 120gb one for £19.99 also in blockbuster around 3months ago which was posted on here.


They have some 60gb for 15 squid in Derby. Thanks guys

Good luck finding stock
Tho !

Already posted several times (last one here a couple of weeks ago).

Good luck finding stock...
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got a 60gb from my local one, they had some 20gb ones left if anyone wants them.
Barlow Moor Road, Manchester

Nice one loads in the northwest


Nice one loads in the northwest

Care to share? I'm in the North West too and my local doesn't have any

i need a least a 60 gb but never around by me i rang last 3 weeks same answer

Got a 120gb in Glasgow for £19.95, byres road, they had smaller ones too.

6 month warranty, wonder if there's any games left on it (there were but just installed from disc ones and a partially downloaded one that couldn't be recognized, boo)

Copying everything over via usb was smooth and there was nothing that couldn't be copied (I think the only issues come in when you move from console to console though original xbox saves might not be transferable, dunno as I hadn't got any)

One final thing about the copy process, you can't copy saves from other people's profiles unless they're logged in.
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I just rang around the different stores every one I rung had different sizes except southport. Got mine from Ormskirk 120gig for £9.95 it must have been missed priced as a 20 gig.
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