Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player £126.99 Delivered.
Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player   £126.99  Delivered.

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player £126.99 Delivered.

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Although not available yet, the webpage says delivery in 1-3 weeks, and at £126.99 its £3 cheaper than anywhere else.


Its said "Usually despatched within 1-3 weeks." for ages, like gameplay says "could be over 14 day".

That's ppd's standard "We don't have it.. could be back in stock next week or in three months, if at all."

I got one of these in the original Comet deal, can't recommend it enough. I've started to re-watch all my dvd's again, and it can be used as a drive for a PC. Brilliant.:-D

So it makes your normal DVD's look better?

Are you using it with XP? you need a driver or something to get it to work don't you? is so where did you get it from as i should be getting my drive from woolies today

I just dunno if the drive is worth the £90 (Virgin Deal and then sell the remote)

I think you'll need a beast of a computer to decode the video stream from hd-dvd, the xbox uses almost all of its processing power to decode it, whats why the drive is so cheap compared to stand alone hd players.

I have 2 beasty PC's... Boast, BOAST!

Don't think I can post links here as it's not really a technical forum, but if you google "360 HD-DVD & PC" you'll find some answers. As earlier stated though, it does come with the remote which is worth money and King Kong HD which again is impressive. A Bargain for the cost really.

Apologies, thanks for pointing out KK isn't included anymore

I got my hd drive from play yesterday, and King Kong wasn't included, it was only included for a limited time.

Someone convince me why its worth getting one... ??


"The Xbox 360 does upscale DVD titles (if you use the VGA cable) "

The VGA cable i just sold as i didnt think i needed it any more... DOH!

why do you need a hd-dvd player to upscale dvd's ? buy HD-DVD's thats what its for, besides, even with the composite connections, it should still upscale to 1080i, so unless you have a 1080p compatible tv, then there's not much use in running it through a vga connector :-D

Im just trying to find a bit more info on what difference it makes if a normal dvd is upscaled!

I was only quoting the official statement on it

In an ideal beautiful world I'd love to replace all my existing DVD's with HD ones but how many people can afford to do that? I certainly can't so for now I'll just bask in the glory of how they currently look...a little bit better.


Im just trying to find a bit more info on what difference it makes if a … Im just trying to find a bit more info on what difference it makes if a normal dvd is upscaled!

By my understanding, at some point the source image has to be upscaled to fit the pixel resolution of the TV. This is either achieved by the TV or the DVD player etc. So I guess whichever has the better scaler will result in the best image.

Probably wrong but at least I think my impression is logical.

dvd's do seem to look better through the hd-drive, my xbox and computer run through a hdtv, so i compared constatine HD to the normal DVD and the difference was amazing, then I tried the dvd in the HD drive and the picture quality looked nice than through the computer, the image was crisper and colours were less saturated

Arrr... You dont need the HD-DVD drive to upscale DVD's, the normal Xbox 360 does it! :-)

[SIZE=2]£109.79 from virgin megastores with 3010klvmcc10 code. Plus 3.5% quidco.[/SIZE]

I'm not a fan of the DVD playback quality of the 360, though I am comparing side by side with a Denon 2900. 360 is certainly better than most lower end players though, expecially when viewed on an HD screen.

I got one from Powerplay just before xmas. It was delivered by Citylink within 4 days of the order being placed.

I am yet to be convinced that I need a HDDVD player. I have a 360 but don't have many DVDs, only ones for the kids. Most of my video content is off the internet. I also have SKY HD already so get to watch HD films on my TV. Any reason to get this if I won't be buying many HDDVDS? Convince me and I will buy one. ;-)

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