Xbox 360 HD DVD Player - IN STOCK NOW!!

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player - IN STOCK NOW!!

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Found 28th Dec 2006
* Platform: Xbox 360
* ELSPA Minimum Age: 11
* Media: Video Game

In stock now!! Grab it while you can!


Nice find. Been looking for one of these for a while and the eBay prices are stupid.

Looks like it might not come with King Kong any more though

Got my order in, with express delvery so I'll update tomorow once it arrives.

Good work, have some rep.

Just beat me to it, just about to post this
Just a shame mines turned up today from play-asia, £160 ish including import duty

Many thanks been searching for this for ages

let us know guys if u get king kong ect oheriwise im waiting for a price drop :x

the protection seems to have been broken too (aacs) -…217

so copy the hd-dvd to your harddrive and watch it from there:) no hdcp needed either.

yeah, it is still very expensive, hopefully might go down to £99 in 6 months.

Oh dear out of stock already!

[COLOR=darkred]Only 4 left in stock--order soon[/COLOR]


sold out in front of my eyes in about 6.58 milliseconds!!!

Ebay prices have been fine, my friend picked a brand new one up for £150 delivered.

Also too expensive?! Considering the Toshiba Drives are £500 this is an absolute bargain!

yeah, but hd-dvd players and blue-ray players are stupidly expensive. the players are basically a computer aswell as the drive itself, thats why they are more expensive. the 360 or a pc will play the hd-dvd discs via usb and the udf 2.6 driver along with powerdvd-hd 6.5.

the aacs protection seems to have been broken today, there is a program on to rip a hd-dvd to your hdd on pc and watch from there without needing a hdcp monitor:).

Just so that you know have seen these in stock for the last wek or so at my local blockbuster store (Cardiff albany road) just thought that i woulds add my bit to this thread. could certainlly be worth giving your local store a ring as you can save on postage and that painfull waiting time.
Good Luck!

Nice find Thanks for this but it's now expired .

They have just come back into stock on Amazon, just bought one.

just cancelled my order it should be one in stock!!!

i just ordered it

Haha think I have bought it. Though when I checked a minute ago it said "In stock" meaning more than 1 I assume.

this come with king kong?

Woo Hoo :w00t: Just got an email to confirm that it's been dispatched. I'll confirm what's in the box tomorrow when it arrives.

I got the E-Mail too, seems more than one was in stock. I think someone said the King Kong bundle was only for before Christmas.

I'm hoping that these are pre Christmas stock, so just might have the DVD in it.

Me too though I doubt it, otherwise Amazon would have listed the bundle and I doubt they would be holding onto these drives considering the demand.

Woo Hoo... :w00t: just received my delivery, and it does have the King Kong movie in it.

For anyone who missed out, heres a heads up, myself and my mate both picked up 1 in toys r us on wed night, they didnt even have them out on the shelves, but the guy put the 2 of them aside when i called.
He said they got them in JUST before xmas!
I had tried EVERYWHERE i could think of, was actually thinking about ebay, i wanted it that much, glad i didn't now!
They are out there guys just keep trying!!
BTW it totally rocks, amazing piece of kit!!
Remember the hddvd movies are region free so you can pick up a good few now from america and quite cheap compared to the uk prices of hddvd's just now.
Ps. make sure you change the currency to £.

Mines Just arrived, it does come with King Kong
cannot wait to try it when i get home

Mines just arrived as well and the same as Logrus it has King Kong in with it as well as the full media remote.

Installation was quick and easy. Just put the included disc in the 360 (Not the HD Drive), install the siftware, when prompted connect the HD Drive. I had to do a couple of updates from live but took about 3 minutes from start to finish.

Quality is excellent and a definite leap up from DVD on my 42" Plasma using the VGA cable. Just been skipping through Kong and the fight with the T-Rex's was amazing.

[url][/url] are worth remembering for importing films as well. Have dealt with them many, many times and have always been reliable. Some prices better than movietyme and some worse

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