Xbox 360 Live 2100 Points Card - £12.97 Delivered
Xbox 360 Live 2100 Points Card - £12.97 Delivered

Xbox 360 Live 2100 Points Card - £12.97 Delivered

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Bargain price for 2100 XBox 360 Live Points (i think)

Only £12.97 Delivered
Please say why you vote cold, I have no clue about this seeing as I am against Xbox lol!


wow this deal gets posted alot.

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Ace Hayward;1852709

wow this deal gets posted alot.

Find me a link...

either way less than 13 quid for 2100 points is a bargan not to be missed

lol :whistling:

As already said, still a good deal though, fighting myself not to buy and get the new COD4 maps.


Just buy American MSP and create an American Xbox Live account on your Xbox (This is within Microsoft's Live TOS) to redeem them on. Thats how I do it since Americans pay a lot less for their MSP. I do this all the time and have bought many arcade games/map packs. Bought Myself the new COD4 maps the other day using this method :thumbsup:.


Ace Hayward;1852922

]http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/150519/xbox-360-live-2100-points-card-12-9/http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/161944/xbox-live-2100-points-12-97p-del-fr/they ok for ya?

lol - well done

Tony - Any chance of you letting me know how you did this in a pm??

Just been looking at this but wasn't sure about it. I've just seen how much you can get 12 month subscription for

]Microsoft points

Where do you usually get your points, doesn't seem to be that much saving, from that site anyway, subscription definately cheaper though.


i got a bargan today. the wireless networking adaptor from currys digital for £32.98 they priced it up wrong but the store manager sold me for the price mistake discount instead of £59.99 might be worth a look in other currys stores to see if they made a national bodge. so more people can get wifi on there 360 for less.
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