Xbox 360 Live 2100 Points Lips [Limited Edition] - £13.86 Delivered @

Xbox 360 Live 2100 Points Lips [Limited Edition] - £13.86 Delivered @

Found 10th Dec 2008
Lets you add to your basket and order - however at the basket page says its out of stock and no longer available from supplier, but it does let you order it - says mine will be despatched on Monday 14th.

Got to be worth a go at this price.


Monday the 15th you mean?

Heat added anyway

Your delivery- Out of stock - no longer available from the supplierEstimated dispatch Monday 14 December 2009

Thats a long wait if the site is to be believed.

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Monday the 15th you mean?Heat added anyway

Woops no - Monday 14th December..............2009!!

Think Ill cancel the order! May as well expire this now.

Estimated dispatch Monday 14 December 2009 :whistling:

Lol! Don't think it's worth the wait really!

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Thought I had finally found a decent offer on them. Best price I can find now is £15.99 for 2100

Fire it up Heat added!

Good work fella, i have just ordered 3 sets of 2100 points, I am sure that they will forword the goods once they have stock in again, Best of all I saved a further 10% staff discount as the ball and chain works at tesco's.

Back of the net !

However if you want to look at this you can get 2100 Xbox Live points for £12.51 (It worked for me), take a look !…ts/

BE WARNED. There is a good chance that these will not work, and you have little chance of getting your money back.

hey everyone.. just thought id give u guys a heads up.. i bought a bunch of these LIPS points last time they were 'hot' from Zaavi.. they didnt work when i tried to enter them on xbox live. I rang the xbox people up.. n apparantly theres problems with all of the 'LIPS' points. So i had to basically take a picture of the lips card thingy and email the xbox people it... after a few days they sorted the problem and the card thingy worked.

Dont know if they have resolved the problem yet.. so dont panic if they dont work straight out the packet. jst contact microsoft n theyll sort it.

I had some ordered from tesco to be delivered on the 10th and I recieved an email saying that due to the suppliers being WOOLWORTHS (!) they have had to cancel all orders for the "lips" xbox 360 points

how much do the songs song packs cost?
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