Xbox 360 Live Gold - Free unitl end of Sep
Xbox 360 Live Gold - Free unitl end of Sep

Xbox 360 Live Gold - Free unitl end of Sep

FYI.. for anyone only on a silver account.

Xbox Live Gold access will be available to everyone for free between now and 8am GMT on 30th September.

You'll also be able to get your hands on a couple of Battle for Middle-Earth II map packs - the first, Aragorn's Journey, will be free between today and 29th September.


Even if you dont currently have the game at present (waiting for it to hit the classic range) I believe there is nothing stopping you downloading it now, as it should then be stored as a 'purchase' against your gamer profile for later use or downloading again.


Thanks sbear1.

P.S. I added a wee pic there ^^^^

You can keep track of the new marketplace content (in general, but especially all the stuff until the end of the month) here majornelson.com/

Important update for one of the map packs:

Game Downloads
BFMEII Aragorn’s Journey - Map Pack 1 – Free 9/20 – 9/29
Edit: this is not currently showing up as free. Don't download it yet or you'll be charged. The team is aware of this and working to corrrect it.

BFMEII Northern Badlands - Map Pack 2 – 350 Points

just about to post this lol always someone there before me

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Tried to download the BFME2 map pack (its now marked as fee), even though I dont have the game as of yet. It wont download (errors out) but it does get 'marked' as downloaded. So hopefully will work in the future, probably free then with a special edition classic version of the game. :-)

is this offer valid in Canada too?

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Believe the free gold live offer is only good in europe.

The map pack download i would imagine is world wide.
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