Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera with 12 Months Xbox Live Subscription for £49.98

Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera with 12 Months Xbox Live Subscription for £49.98

Found 13th Sep 2008
The Vision camera is £34.99 and the 12 month live subscription is £34.98 if bought separately, pretty much everywhere...... Amazon are doing both (and the camera includes a headset) for £49.98...... bit of a bargain if you're in the market for both.... ??


Although Amazon states it comes with download codes for UNO, Robotron and 200 Microsoft Points, can anyone confirm they are still valid? I remember recommending this pack to a mate over a year ago only for him to find the codes for the games had expired

Not £34.98 everywhere. Sold my last one of this weeks stock today Ebay Item number: 370086036140
Amazon is rarely cheaper than me!

This othe deal you posted looks a better deal to me I'm afraid...…er/

My m8s ordered this last week he thinks its good and so do I. A m8 of mine bought this pack a few months ago also and the points and codes still worked.

Just using it as an example, hence its sold and not an active ebay link! I don't need customers! I dont sell to hotdeals members.... Sorry

And at -53 so far hardly a good deal!!!!!!!!!


Rip off.

Why do you need the camera, I've not heard any use for it since its release????

Video Chat
Display Pictures
Computer use

People also use these for making touch screen tables, and other creative projects.

This deal isn't amazing though, webcam can be had for about £15 usually, and the LIVE code is about £26 for 13 months when I last looked.

You do however get a wired headset (can ebay this for a bit of money back) and a bunch of codes for 3 or 4 games with this. Also a few MS points to spend on content online.
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