xbox 360 Lost planet 2 £17.95 @ zavvi

xbox 360 Lost planet 2 £17.95 @ zavvi

Found 18th Jun 2010
Lost Planet 2 picks up 10 years since the events of the original adventure and the landscape has evolved dramatically. With the success of terraforming activities, the planet's ice has begun to melt, giving way to lush tropical jungles and other new environments. The story has advanced beyond Wayne Holden as players will now follow the exploits of their own customised snow pirates on their quest to seize control of E.D.N III. Players will move their heroes through different stories creating a truly unique and interactive experience. With this concept, gamers will have the opportunity to engage in the story in a more dynamic way as plot threads evolve from various perspectives.

Beyond the deep single-player mode, Lost Planet 2 is loaded with one the most extensive multiplayer campaign seen in a shooter to date. The intense and action packed campaign mode comes with the ability to form teams of up to 4 players online to clear mission objectives with friends.

Take on Lost Planet 2's Akrid with bonus characters: Gears of War veterans Marcus and Dominic plus Resident Evil's Albert Wesker


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cheapest i could find. Also im new to posting threads on hotukdeals

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good price, but you might get more interest if you put that this is for the xbox360.

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ok changed
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