Xbox 360 Mass Effect Classics £5.00 Pre-owned + More @ Gamestation

Xbox 360 Mass Effect Classics £5.00 Pre-owned + More @ Gamestation

Found 15th Dec 2010
I actually own this game but haven't got around to play, but it's supposed to be an amazing game.

From my knowledge of all classics, they are all goty edition.

Well at least my classics version of this game comes with all the added dlc and bonus content.

Not a bad punt at a fiver, if it is as good as they say it is. I really am going to sit down with this game soon and see if it's any good. Must stop buying new games and start playing through others such as lost odyssey, brutal legend, tekken 6, assasins creed 2 goty. I hope these other games i've got sitting there are worthwhile. Plus will save me money on these new titles. By the time i completed all them the newer games should be down in price.

Not sure if this is instore as well.

Merry xmas everyone

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They also have lots other games on offer for a fiver.

go to this link for 360 Fiver Games 360

All are pre-owned you can even grab gears of war 2 for fiver which is a good deal also.
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