Xbox 360 Messenger Kit  Pre-Order for only £19.99

Xbox 360 Messenger Kit Pre-Order for only £19.99

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Found 29th Aug 2007
Pre Order the Messenger kit for the 360 Controller for only £19.99 normally £24.99. It will add ease to typing on ingame chat and Messenger. This product is released on 07 September 2007. Cheapest ive seen it so far.

- 3% Quidco too
- dandoc2
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Also available from play-asia for £17 and a few pennies delivered
lol this is kind of pointless because A) Even if youre 18 like me you still cant use msn B)Msn on the 360 is rubbish from what i saw on my friends

Stick to pc methinks

Plus why pay £20 for a keypad when you could buy a usb keyboard for like £3 and its the same thing

But voted hot on price
MSN works just fine for me, it's quite handy for friends I have that only come online very occasionally as it means I don't need to keep a PC online just for Messenger when on the Xbox. Also, I find it works just fine - my only annoyance is that I'd like to be able to use the headset for it but currently it's limited to text.

I have no interest in using a usb keyboard lying around while playing a game plus it takes up an additional USB port - without a hub I have none free (wireless adapter, mp3 player, play and charge kit). This is a far neater solution which suits the purpose better.

Shame it's only in white, I'll just have to live with the colour clash...

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