Xbox 360 Microsoft Arcade Console Bundle £119 new @ Woolworths
Xbox 360 Microsoft Arcade Console Bundle £119 new @ Woolworths

Xbox 360 Microsoft Arcade Console Bundle £119 new @ Woolworths

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The handy Xbox 360 Arcade bundle gives you everything you need to jump straight into a stunning next-generation entertainment experience. Choose from hundreds of spectacular games, including Fifa 10, Assassin's Creed 2, DJ Hero, Guitar Hero, Grand Theft Auto and Bioshock 2 - there's something for every age, taste and skill level, so you can play solo,gathered together with the family or with friends online.


Is this the previous generation Xbox?

Yep! Gonna get cold!

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Cheapest version of this console on the net! - yup it is not the new Slim Model, however still comes with 3 year warrenty unlike the 12mth slim.

This is surely a p1ss take?!?

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This is surely a p1ss take?!?

Find this console cheaper then.

Even if this is the cheapest at the moment, much better deals must be available soon. I paid this for an Arcade bundle that included an extra controller and 3 games (admittedly back in January)

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I never understand this site and all the wanna be leets!

Lets say a mother who is searching this site looking for the "Cheapest" xbox 360 TODAY for her son/daughters birthday on friday, they will dismiss this deal as it has been voted cold when it is infact the cheapest deal available for a new console.

So the deal is dismissed as last gen?? SO WHAT!, if someone on benefits say, wants a cheap deal this is the best today!

It isn't a deal, they are that exact price...EVERYWHERE. You are just listing the actual RRP!!

In fairness though, without using any vouchers, discount codes or quidco cashback I cannot beat this price.

So any single mothers on benefits out there, you're sorted for Friday!

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considering that there was a brand new elite with 2 games for £100 posted three days ago. I'd never go for this deal.

Sure the games are newer, but the 120gb hard drive is worth more than a game.


Find this console cheaper then.



if i could add rep to you weenie beanie i would.

Weenie Beenie


nice one lol
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