Xbox 360 Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition £34.99

Xbox 360 Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition £34.99

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Found 30th Jan 2008
For some reason the Xbox 360 version of Oblivion: GOTY Edition seems quite hard to come by, especially if you don't want to pay over £40.

This deal at Fusion Hobbies is the cheapest place online I've found it.


Probably hard to come by as theres only one retailer in the UK selling it, GAME.

Also P&P isnt included in that price.…Y=8

Save your money and just get the normal version for almost £20 cheaper...

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Great, so game get an exclusive and then fail to have enough stock to satisfy demand. ::x

Oh, and thanks for the link, lol. Had actually put that deal up myself! But not willing to settle for the regular edition as want the extras that come in game of the year. Especially as I understand it doesn't suffer the frequent load times that the original did.
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