Xbox 360 packages from  £124.99 @ Dixons

Xbox 360 packages from £124.99 @ Dixons

Found 9th Nov 2008
Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade three packages to chose from.
Free delivery.

Available with Gears of War 2 as one of the games
- mike_6480


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free delivery on item

good deal if you get the quidco and voucher to work

Gears of war 2 and a an arcade 360 for £119

why is that voted cold

sell Gears for £20 then you have yourself a 360 for less than £100

think the quidco is for dixons entertainment... unless proved otherwise

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Thank you fwibble i was beginning to think people only vote cold without actually having a look at the deal.

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The quidco is for entertainment i got that wrong so only the £ 5 off so maybe not such a good a deal

I think posters were voting cold because you didnt exactly sell it in the op. Without the £5 voucher it sounded like you were simply stating RRP... maybe if you'd stated 'with GOW2' people may have botehred to look...

Its poor presentation in my view and only a good deal on the Arcade... but tehre are plenty more 1 & 2 game bundle offers around.... like the Fable2 and PES9 one for £169.99 the other day...

Voted hot for the Arcade deal...
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