Xbox 360 power supply, unboxed in Zavvi

Xbox 360 power supply, unboxed in Zavvi

Found 21st Jan 2009
Was in the store today and noticed they had these power supplies going cheap as they were unboxed and on their own, had 3 or 4 in Bluewater, Kent store but not sure if this is nationwide?


How much are they normally coz I could do with one ?

they don't sell power supplies in retail, so the Zavvi in question obviously found a few spare parts in the back room.

List price on CeX is £40, so good price at Zavvi as both would be 'used', shame it's likely to be that one store.

Cheers Lazygamer

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why so cold then if this is a good price??

Looks good to me. I paid £20 for a second hand one off fleabay and that was cheap!

They are free if you log a call with microsoft with a serial number and the fault confirming you have tried a friends PSU and that was ok... Yes FREE... Don't understand why people buy them..
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