Xbox 360 Premium Bundle (+ PGR3 & Extra Wireless controller)

Xbox 360 Premium Bundle (+ PGR3 & Extra Wireless controller)

Found 22nd Sep 2006
A mega value Xbox360 bundle just in time for Xmas!

Xbox 360 premium console with extra wireless controller and Project Gotham Racing 3.

* Project Gotham Racing 3 game
* 20GB Hard Drive
* 2 Wireless Controllers
* Headset - Voice Communicator
* Component HD AV Cable (with SCART adaptor)

Offer available while stocks last.
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Thats a good price ali. There is also 4% at quidco making it £277.44!
Only problem with quidco is:

Tracking Speed
Slow (12 - 30+ days,
30 day average)

Tracking Reliability
Statistics unavailable
And don't forget the coupon -…ona

Brings it down by a whole quid

This is microsofts xmas bundle (RRP £299)

Should be available soon from most retailers
Ah, they had the best price for Dead Rising too so I got that with the console.
Thats a TOP price, £10 cheaper then the RRP.
yeah nice price!

although i will go with argos and get it local incase anything goes wrong i can take it back!
Heres a list from my deal request thread, thought someone might find it usefull:…152
£289.99 inc Del - 4% quidco = £277.44…GR3
£299 inc del (no stock atm) - 5 % quidco (on ex vat) = £286.67…966
£285 + £7 DEL - no quidco = £291.99…yc/
£299.99 + 5.99 Del - 2% quidco = £299.86…htm
£299 collect in store (add all three to basket) - no quidco = £299…tml
£299 inc del - no quidco available on hardware = £299…RO1
£293.74 + £10.99 Del - no quidco = £304.73
Got my Xbox from PowerPlayDirect yesterday after ordering on Sunday. Very impressed by delivery time considering they said 3-5 day delivery from Guernsey and it was dispatched on Monday!
This deal is still available folks And if you want a whopping £3 off, enter code NHS4 at the checkout...!…323

Might be worth trying to get this with the 20% off voucher from HMV on friday
20% OFF Orders Online at*[SIZE=2][COLOR=#010000]*except pre-orders, e-gift certificates, downloads, games consoles, bundles and digital music players.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
rbentley;6;53;-1&sku=570323Might be worth trying to get this with the 20% off voucher from HMV on friday

Or are listing the pack for £279.99 plus £4.95 delivery or can collect instore for just £279.99 obviously.:-D

As has been posted elsewhere, I believe, if you are prepared to take out the credit then I think the following deal is hard to beat.

HMV are offering the full (premium) console with hard drive etc, plus PGR3 and the extra wireless controller, PLUS Table Tennis for £299.99. Take out an HMV credit card at the same time and you get 10% off your first purchase. So all that for £270. A spend over £100 on the card gives you 120 days interest free so plenty of time to save the money to pay it off before the ridiculously high 29.9% APR kicks in. ;-) (I never pay a penny's interest to banks)

I think there's also an offer for £5 off a spend of £20 on the card which is available until the end of November, but bear in mind that the card limit is £250 so you'd have to pay a bit off first before you can take advantage of that (it also means you have to pay the balance off the xbox package, about £20, some other way when you buy this way).

You also get a HMV Games Reward card which, from this purchase and once registered online, gives you another £15 which you can spend on games or accessories.

The offer isn't on the website but is instore.

If you're really lucky, then they won't have Table Tennis in stock when you buy it, so they offer to knock another £20 off the price before applying the 10% discount. I wasn't bothered about Table Tennis (it's only £14.99 on Play anyway) so was happy to take up the additional discount. I am, since Friday, the proud owner of a 360 and loving PGR3! :geek:
Game are doing this offer plus one game from the following: Tomb raider, Samurai Warriors 2 and The outfit. They charge £299 but also do an offer where you can buy up to two games from a list of 8 for £20 each when you buy a 360. That list is:

Saints Row
Just Cause
Dead Rising
Lego Star Wars 2
Table Tennis
Plus two others I forget.

So in effect you can get an Xbox 360 premium with 4 games and an additional wireless pad for £339.

The downside of this deal is that you have to go instore as I couldn't find the offer on their website.
can i still get this?
Intense! Heat added.
9 years ago blimey
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