XBOX 360 Premium, extra Wireless Controller, PGR3 & Table Tennis just £270 (using 10% disc)
XBOX 360 Premium, extra Wireless Controller, PGR3 & Table Tennis just £270 (using 10% disc)

XBOX 360 Premium, extra Wireless Controller, PGR3 & Table Tennis just £270 (using 10% disc)

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Xbox 360 Premium Pack
Project Gotham Racing 3
Table Tennis
extra Official Wireless Controller

This pack is £299.99 on the website, but with careful use of the 10% discount voucher (BJ4876) it brings it down to £270.

Also...don't forget 2.5% Quidco for hardware sales

...and if you have a HMV Games Rewards card, I think you'll get about £15 worth of points.


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Damn...it just doesn't like my picture tonight...


how do you use the voucher?

Don't orders get cancelled anyway cause vouchers are never valid for hardware sales?

yeh it wasnt accepting the 10%, it said it had but when you were away to buy it was still £299.99 ???????

They don't usually let these go through even if the voucher works, but always worth a try!

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Hmmm....well, my friend got all the way to checkout and bought it...with the price at 270....maybe they'll email later to cancel it!

Done this the last time there was a 15% discount for HMV, they cancelled it the next working day.

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According to my friend, the 10% discount code worked, and the 360 has been dispatched by HMV today...for the princely sum of £270!

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not only that, but quidco is currently tracking it at 11% commission as opposed to 2.5%... so thats another £29.70

If that comes through, it will have cost just over £240 overall....and about another £15 in HMV Reward card vouchers to be spent on other games!!!!

For those who don't want to take the risk of getting either the 10% HMV discount and/or the 12% Quidco declined I've worked out how you can get this package by a different method for £257.68.

It would also allow you to pick the games you want and not be stuck with the two in the package. Here's how I got there:

(i) X-Box 360 premium through Boots just now is £279.99 - 10% discount through voucher (£28.00), 12% back in boots points which can be used in store (£33.60 applied based on price before discount) and 6.5% Quidco cashback (£16.38) leaves a net price of £202.01.

(ii) Extra wireless controller £27.99 from CD-Wow using special link in the accessories thread less 5% Quidco (£1.40) leaves a net price of £26.59.

(iii) Project Gotham Racing £14.99 from Powerplaydirect less 4% Quidco (£0.60) leaves a net price of £14.39.

(iv) Table tennis game is £14.99 from Play less 2% Quidco (£0.30) leaving a net price of £14.49.

Hope this helps someone - I've just gone through this on behalf of my neighbour who is looking for the best deal for Christmas so thought I would share the results just in case it helps someone else.

The other option she is considering is the same as above but with Pro Evolution Soccer instead of Table Tennis which can be sourced from HMV for £26.30 after deducting available discounts (£5 off £35, you need to add something else in to the basket as the game is £34.99) and 12% Quidco. That package mix adds to £269.38 which is a decent saving on the usual £299.99 charged by Game, etc.

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Just to prove that the 10% discount worked, here is part of the email my friend has just received (it appears that the order is being sent it bits, although the 360 itself was sent the day before)....

[SIZE=2][FONT=Tahoma]Subject: HMV have shipped part of your order.



[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Just a quick e-mail to let you know we've despatched the following items in your order no XXXXXXXX,on: 2006-11-22[/SIZE][/FONT]

SubTotal: GBP 00.00
Shipping & Handling: GBP 00.00[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Total: GBP 00.00[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]All amounts are in UK pounds.[/SIZE][/FONT]

So you go thte premium system for free lol

GBO 00.00

It did work as i can prove it!
Its sitting here looking at me, just the console that is which was shipped special delivery!
Project gotham and the controller was shipped the same day by snail mail on the 17th and still hasnt arrived! (think the posties have had this away)
Table tennis was shipped on the 21st (wonder if this will turn up)
A pain really coz ive had the console a week but no games to play!!

Dont think the code works anymore as my boss at work tried and it wouldnt take the 10% off

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So you go thte premium system for free lolGBO 00.00

In my dreams, everything in HMV is free....and I've got a shopping basket the size of Wembley!!!!! :thumbsup:

lol me too, but mine is full of saxo's lol
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