Xbox 360 Premium for £206
Xbox 360 Premium for £206

Xbox 360 Premium for £206

Buy forBuy forBuy for£206
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Xbox 360 Premium for £206

Go to marshallward.co.uk
Enter code D5JW to get 20% and use quidco for the other 6%

You can also get the discount over the phone- tell them it's the code for 20% discount off a new account. 0844 811 8112


WOW! Nice find

What does this come with though does not have any description?
Tempted myself!

So can this code be used to get 20% off a pre-order on a PS3??

Its a full system so:

360 Console
Wireless controller
Video cable
Network cable

Just to clear things up...

After entering my credit card details I get the following message...

[color=blue]"You keyed promotion code D5JW. This code will be used when your order is processed. Notwithstanding any adjustments that may then be made, your order will cost £282.50 including delivery."[/color]

So is it safe to assume that they mean the code will be processed at a later stage and the £282.50 will be reduced accordingly at *that* time rather than now?


* Please enter a valid promotion code.

Thats the message i got when trying to get one!!!!!

Is anyone clear on whether this 20% will work? Would be an excellent deal if it does!?

I have just give them a ring to order no such code

Original Poster

EDIT: maybe they've dropped the code? A few people did use and order using that code on avforums.

Woolies also have a deal tomorrow:


Buy a 360 premium, get fifa 07 and Tiger woods 07 free.

I've just called them to check if the code is valid and they told me if you are a new customer you can't use codes, and i've never placed an order with them before so i can't use any promotional codes

I don't know if the code is valid for existing customers, although it is nearly a year old so maybe it's not?

But, there is a thng on the homepage saying 10% off first orders applied automatically which would mean

£3.5 delivery

- 10% = £28.25

= £254.25

+ 6% Quidco = £15.25

Total cost = £239

Still not bad but nowhere near as good as £206 would have been

What a let down

Yeh £206 would have been an extremely good price, but with marshall ward do you pay straight away or is it an account you set up ??

just noticed you can pay by credit card


But, there is a thng on the homepage saying 10% off first orders applied … But, there is a thng on the homepage saying 10% off first orders applied automatically which would mean

I think this just applies if your just opening a pay monthly account

Yeah what a shame, xbox 360 premium for £206 would have been deal of the year don't you think?

I would have felt pretty evil about ripping off some small time company like that though. They'd be losing money on every 360 shipped.

It's no big deal, if it's a real issue for them then they just wouldn't honour the orders.

Catalogue companies make a fortune out of people at christmas who can't really afford to spend the huge amounts in question, I wouldn't feel guilty about it, I already have a 360 though.
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