xbox 360 premium for under £250
xbox 360 premium  for under £250

xbox 360 premium for under £250

The Xbox 360 is Microsoft's successor to the Xbox console, and is the first ''next generation'' games console to hit the market. It has three powerful core processors which pump out 720p/1080i output (translation: graphics look great), 16x9 cinematic aspect ratio (translation: it's sort of like the cinema), anti-aliasing for smooth textures (translation: characters look less like chimps and more like people), full surround sound and DVD playback right out of the box.

Product Features :
Includes a hard drive to save games, download new content and play key original Xbox games Xbox Live ready
Includes a Wireless Controller
Includes a Component HD AV Cable which is optimized for high-definition as well as standard TVs
Enjoy your movies with progressive scan DVD playback
Stream your music and digital photos from a wide range of portable music players and digital cameras
Connect to your Windows XP or Windows Media Center PC.

Simply add YAW297 at discount box at checkout
- £13.60
= £258.40
- £9.04 quidco money back at 3.5%
= £249.35


Hi Dave

Individual items should be submitted as a "product" when submitting a deal, this way a price shows up at the right hand side.


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Thought there might have been more replies to this thread with over 110 views
Hopefully price will fall before xmas even if they now have a monopoly

There have been a few offers lately with xbox 360's around this price, it's getting quite common.

I want to see it cheaper than £230 cash price (not counting quidco) - and that would be a good deal. Cheapest cash price online (including discount vouchers I mean) I've seen it is £243 I think.
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