Xbox 360 Quantam of Solace - £16.99 @ HMV

Xbox 360 Quantam of Solace - £16.99 @ HMV

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You are the new Bond: Employ all of your Bond skills in high-octane combat, chaotic gun fights and precise stealth takedowns. Quantum of Solace marks the first time you can become the dangerous and ruthless Bond as portrayed by Daniel Craig in "Quantum of Solace" and "Casino Royale."
Take Cover: First-person shooting with third-person cover combat allows you to adjust your gameplay to meet each challenge. In addition to extensive hand-to-hand combat abilities, you'll defeat enemies using a variety of weapons.
Fight worthy adversaries: Advanced A.I. systems allow enemies to react in intelligent and tactical ways.
The new world of Bond: Immerse yourself in the world of Bond with characters from both films and missions that take you through exotic real-world locations.
Become the world's premier MI6 agent: Go online with standard 12-player multiplayer modes plus unique Bond modes.


hot...payed £24 for mine the other week...although it was in a fancy metal tin..yeah im a sucker

same price at amazon - next day delivery free if you have prime...

great price - love the game!!

super price :thumbsup:


same price at amazon - next day delivery free if you have prime...

No quidco at Amazon


No quidco at Amazon

True, but with HMV taking 9 months to pay out quidco transactions of late you aren't really gaining much benefit at all...

Ive read mixed reviews of this game

for those who have bought it in the other offers that have been on - would you recommend it?

Im tempted cos ive got student discount at hmv, but ive got 3 or 4 games already that i havnt even opened!

I really like it rory and personally think it's well worth £16.99. Single player game aint the longest but it's still a decent game imo.


Gonna be getting a HOT vote from me just cos of the price! Nearly voted cold as I don't think Daniel Craig suits Bond.

Its a good price. Bought this for £25 before christmas!

Ordered this from HMV last night. Great price, heat added.

does anyone know where i can find it on ps3 at this price?

Is it this price instore too ?

forget the reviews this game rocks


Is it this price instore too ?

I think it's £20 in store.

better than WaW?

Si the Legend;4006851

I think it's £20 in store.

It is, I picked up a copy this morning.

you can't go wrong at that price, I got it from HMV over xmas for only a quid more, well worth it,
yes the storyline is really short, (Can be completed in a day) but its a good game.
Also I don't understand why its called Quantum of Solace, as its a combination of QofS and Casino royale all mixed into one.

Banjo String;4001693

Nearly voted cold as I don't think Daniel Craig suits Bond.

Not going to debate that stament but that would be a pretty silly reason to vote something cold. Especially given it's a computer game.

Tempted to buy this, tried it on my laptop and though it was pretty good. What is the online like? Is it just like Call of Duty to play?

paid £27 for it when it first came out
not the best game very blocky graphics , even at £17 its dear , dare say it will be in the £9.99 bins in a few months when the film is old hat

graphics arnt the best ... game plays spot on though to be fair.... but wait a few months and it will be oh so much cheaper.

Nice one, been waiting for this price for a while now... Now to tell my brother to go get it for my belated Xmas present.

Great find

I thought this was ok, picked it up for £20 at gamestation in xmas event day deal thingy, and sold it yesterday on ebay for £20, obviously less fees, so only lost out on a few quid, was def worth that. At this price would be silly not to get it.

Gone back up in price now.
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