[Xbox 360] Rumble Roses XX only £14.99 @ Play.com!!!
[Xbox 360] Rumble Roses XX only £14.99 @ Play.com!!!

[Xbox 360] Rumble Roses XX only £14.99 @ Play.com!!!

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Bargain price on this Rumble Roses XX for the xbox 360 - only £14.99 from play.com, whereas it's £25 + everywhere else

Details: Featuring over 20 female characters, Rumble Roses XX is a graphically stunning wrestling title featuring a wide range of throws, counter-moves and pin-downs. Each character has a distinct personality, from Cow-Girl Dixie through to school girl Reiko and wicked nurse Anesthesia. In addition to the staple throws, slaps and pins of the wrestling genre, each girl has specific attacks linked to their overt personalities and can also string together a number of moves to create formidable combinations. In keeping with the glitzy showcase nature of the game, the girls also have taunt moves to rile their opponents and to get the crowd going.
Rumble Roses XX features a number of solo modes wherein players can pummel their way through the game's many characters and unlock additional foes. There are also a number of additional competitions to put the player through their paces, each giving the player a chance to access the hundreds of possible attacks the game can produce.
Multi-player action is also included via a four-player Tag team competition, wherein two teams of two girls can fight against each other. The Tag Team mode also gives players access to previously inaccessible moves as the pairs work together. Rumble Roses XX will also make use of the Xbox Live online gaming service, with one-again-one bouts or team battles to be enjoyed against like-minded fans.


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Screenie : !!!



**** mod edit - removed image, as it was pushing the boundaries of good taste.... ***

Can't be as bad as Dead or Alive: Xtreme Volleyball 2.

People who buy this game, buy it because it's a porn game for the 360. Even though the game is pants.

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You'se are still voting it hot... LOL !

Sorry Emma, Just thought people should be aware of what they were buyin :whistling:

yeah, it's been that price for a while.....but then that's because it is an absolutely godawful game! lol

though i guess there is a market for this and DOAX2.....i'm just glad i'm not part of it

It's a really bad game, but I suppose it's a good deal in the sense that it's cheaper than elsewhere.


You'se are still voting it hot... LOL !

Hmm.....Great for a Valentines gift...Not! But still voted hot & rep.

I can confirm it really is one of the poorest games for the Xbox 360. But for those who buy it don't forget the 2% Quidco.:whistling:

It's a really...really....REALLY poor game but in a very very funny way.

For £15 it might actually be worth it. It's definately a "roll in from the pub" game.

It's basically just softcore porn, there is no game to it. Get DoA 4.
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