XBOX 360 Wireless Biridge adaptor for £35.99  inc £1 giftcard instore GAME only -lowest price

XBOX 360 Wireless Biridge adaptor for £35.99 inc £1 giftcard instore GAME only -lowest price

Found 22nd Dec 2008
This is an instore only offer.
To get it at this price game are offering the wireless adaptor at £34.99 with ANY other product. Look for a label on the boxes and it is programmed at the tills.So I bought a giftcard put £1 on it and bought the wireless adaptor at the same time and it went through no problem. Got it no problem. If you have giftcards to get for people even better.
This is a glitch in their system as originally the offer was meant to be only if you bought other 360 games or hardware so make sure you get a box with the label saying " with any other item instore ".

details of product -

Play head-to-head wirelessly on Xbox Live, or on your home network.
Dual band 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wireless A/B/G home network compatible
Compact, high performance design
Powered by Xbox 360 to eliminate adaptor clutter
Streams photos and music from Microsoft Windows XP and recorded TV, movies and videos from your Microsoft Windows XP Media Center based PC.
Easy setup and installation
Collaborates with Xbox 360 authentic wireless accessories for worry-free integration
802.11a allows stepped-up data transfer for enhanced video streaming

As these are £54.99 normally its a good deal .


Good deal, I bought Forza 2 preowned for £7.99 to take advantage of this last week

I'm sure that this has already been posted 100 times before.

Gamestation currently have a better offer, £29.99 WBW anyother Xbox 360 item which is new.

Original Poster

I had went into the gamestation before and was tempted by their offer of £29.99 with any NEW 360 item boiught but the cheapest item they had was a game for £14.99 and it wasnt something I needed.
With the game offer you can buy anything insore and if you buy a giftcard you can either spend it or give it for a gift. However it is up to people what they feel suits them best.
For me the games offer suited me- normally it is only available if you buy a xbox 360 item which works out dearer.This is the first time I have seen it for ANY item and there is actually a sign instore saying it is only for any 360 item.So its a glitch and prob wont be on for long. So I just wanted to let people know so they could grab it quickily.
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