Xbox  360 Wireless Controller (Black) - £19.95 -

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Black) - £19.95 -

Found 14th Dec 2009
I know there is a better deal for the white wireless controller knocking about at the minute but thought this might be handy for those looking for a black one.

The next cheapest I can find is £27 at Amazon.


play is better deal :santa:cold

Freezing cold.

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play is better deal :santa:cold

As is this one which had already been posted on here when I posted this...…xbo

God only knows why my search on here didn't return that!!!

The Play deal is not available anymore, more than likely a mis price that those who ordered will not get.

£19.95 is a decent price.

Its available plenty of places cheaper than the £27 quoted though.....
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