XBOX 360 wireless controller for a tenner!

XBOX 360 wireless controller for a tenner!

Found 12th Sep 2006
Now, there are certain conditions to be fulfilled to be eligible for this offer - you must be a new customer for littlewoods, and you must make the purchase on account (not with your credit or debit card). Using the promotional code below (Thanks to Edi for that), it will give you £25 off your first order on credit from Littlewoods. That makes this wireless controller for the XBOX 360 only a tenner!

Promo code: ZG1444

Details: Experience the ultimate in wireless freedom with next generation precision, speed and accuracy.
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lol: that's a good bet :-D

Will be interesting to see how things go.. :roll:
[SIZE=2]LOL ... it should work ok if you fulfill the terms... new customer, on account, at least I hope so anyway! Nothing to stop you sending it back if they happen to charge you full cost. (and on the phone, that usually prompts a credit refund...)[/SIZE]
Definitely YES emma

I have used codes with Littlewoods and feel very +ive about them. Only once they didnt give the discount and all it took was 1 phone call to sort out. They didnt even ask me how or where I got the code.

If codes are not abused / stacked or whatever for silly benefits... codes can be safely redeemed.

I remain curious to see how things go ... :wink:
Just tried it and only shows £15 discount, so £20 for the controller!
The code doesnt work for me, new account but at checkout the code doesn't work and states only on 1st order. Will have to ring them tomorrow.
Just got it to work by putting 2 controllers in the basket for £70, so must now be a higher minimum order amount to get the £25 off
I think someone will have to give littlewoods a call tomorrow to check the terms of the code...
This is just my opinion, but I don't really feel that this should come under "Hot Deal".

The fact is the item is not at that price to everyone...only new customers - and only one a one off basis (or potentially twice). We all know that new customers can get £15 - £25 off with the vouchers. I may as well post something thats in the catalogue for about £25, and say its free!
Didn't work for me, said cannot be used with a credit / debit card. So I did the interest free thing, said it does not meant the terms.

Then my girl friend found out I was trying buying one and got really up set because she was going to get one for my birthday as a suprise.

Not good really :roll:
Now that is a bargain, and timed perfectly to play two player on my new Lego Star Wars II game. Amazing fun & family friendly game by the way. :thumbsup:
Are people still having problems with this dicsount or does it work?

I got an email from Littlewoods customer service today stating that the minimum spend value is £60 and if I was having problems with the code online I should place an order and then when I decide I am keeping the goods I received I should phone them up and get the £25 taken off the balance! But now there are no controllers available until the end of September!

Not worth it then - would have been good tho!
I'll click expired on this deal then, according to ziody's information above about the discount code.

Cheers guys.
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