XBOX 360 Wireless Controller, Forza 2 and Viva Pinata £20 PC World Collect in store only
sorry if this has been posted before

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Entertainment: You get One Wireless Controller, Forza 2 and Viva Pinata all for only £20 when you Reserve&Collect.

Just picked one up from the PC WORLD in gateshead team valley



Good price

cheers, managed to reserve! have some heat!! :thumbsup:

Wait for the phone call to say they don''t have it in stock :thumbsup:

Why is this expired? The offer is still valid......

why expired? i have just reserved 1

Aww,non available in Bristol


Just got one from Fulham.

got them in newport

got them in boston and clough rd hull

Voted hot, plenty around the North West.

Good deal if I can now complete the sale. Unexpire!!!!

just bought one from merry hill centre they had loads on the shelf and didn't qiestion the price

voted hot as i just broke one of mine

Good find, not expired..

Fred Head;2421947

Good find, not expired..

Unexpired as the date had auto expired it.

Got one in the Orpington branch, but only after a struggle. They were insistant that it was a bundle copy only.

The manager was very ignorant and rude. I overheard him tell the assistant that they don't have to honour reserve and collect, and as no money is taken, they can change the price. That was having him keep me waiting to see him for nearly 40 minutes. In the end I heard him say that he didn't care for sake of £20.

Worst customer care I have seen, after Devere Hotel in Wokefield Park - avoid the Wellington Lodge if you stay there

Got one of these when it was on offer in Currys. Sold the game and bought the Wireless adaptor for PC with the money and enjoy PC gaming now!

Just got one from Coventry - no problems at all!

finally one of these deals in stock near me!!!!

just ordered, many thanks

not expired in north west ancoats or stretford
excellent find

weston super mare and salisbury have stock

got my order cancelled when tried to collect at store - has to be bought with a console apparently

Ipswich and Chelmsford have them in stock

None in Bury St Edmunds

None in Derby or Nottingham

In Merseyside, only in Garston now.

I got mine from Oxford (Botley Road) last Tuesday

Just reserved two from manchester. Whats the deal Is it worth me moochin up from bolton or am I going to get fobbed off?.:?


Just reserved two from manchester. Whats the deal Is it worth me moochin … Just reserved two from manchester. Whats the deal Is it worth me moochin up from bolton or am I going to get fobbed off?.:?

Best to check first mate as it's seems to be up to the store manager whether or not you get the deal. I reserved one from the Glasgow store on Friday and was initally being refused it when I went to pick it up on the Saturday. Stood my ground claiming that it was not my fault that I was allowed to reserve it online...their fault and they should honor it!

Good luck!

None in stock within 50 miles of me.

Nearest PC World to me that have them is stock is Chester. I'm in Lancashire.

None left near manchester

When you go in the shop, they may say it says on the box, not to be sold separately.

Say 1) you have travelled a long way
2) ask to speak to the manager
3) long on one of their PCs and show them it makes no mention of "multibuy", can be bought on its own

You may not find it by "wireless", it must be by item number

Product search is ---- 939229

HOt deal seeing as just the controller is selling at around £25!!!

I got one on Saturday (12/07/08) in Fulham - no problems at all

I've got a reservation code for two in manchester if anybody wants them. Cant be bothered mooching up there if it's not a definite thing. First to post gets it.:thumbsup:

Got one today (15 July) at Halifax, no problems. thanks

got one in ABerdeen last night, the only problem i had was they couldn't find where it was. they didn't care that it said on the box bundle copy, only to be sold with a console.

Got a call from Wednesbury yesterday to say that it was an error and my order was cancelled.

went to the one in lakeside, thurrock, they had 2 in stock but i had to buy it with the console :x
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