Xbox 360 Wireless Controller only £22 @ Tesco
Saw this in my local tesco's today and its the same price online. Its the offical wireless controller and its only £22 seems a very good deal

They also have the offical wireless network adapter (first version, not n enabled) for £40 instore and online. This seems a very good price plus sometimes buying instore can be easier.


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Wireless network adapter: ]http//di…spx

Not a very good price for just the controller.

The WEP - Wireless Entertainment Pack - which is the controller, plus 2 games has been posted in lots of deals recently for around £25-30. The WEP works out as a much better deal, as even if you don't want the game you can sell them or get trade in value, and it still works out cheaper than just buying the controller.

wow what a "deal" get em' while you can!
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