XBOX 360 wireless controllers £18 CEX
Hi the prices of these babies have just dropped to £18, you are taking a little gamble with the quality of the pad with ordering online but if you get it instore you can be alot more picky and choose the pad you want. These retail new for around £30-35 new so its a decent saving cunsidering you have a warrently with it aswell.


Bleurgh. Other people's hand gunk.

I'd rather get the WEPs at £2 more, or pay a few quid more for a brand new one if I can't find any on offer. Not really a hot deal at all, especially for a pre-owned

Someone posted a thread the other day with an offer at play.com. 2 games pure/Lego Batman and a black wireless controller 19,99 including delivery. I ordered it lol. Surely a better deal ;-)


I've ordered a fair bit of CEX recently and have been amazed (in a good way) at the quality / condition of the stuff.

CEX have always been slow delivery for my orders, normally over a week, where considering the likes of play amazon etc do free delivery aswell and usually get it to you in 3 days is pretty poor.

I also do agree on the WEP packs being better value, althought the games that are with them are poor/shocking

I've ordered twice off CEX in the last few months. I had to file a paypal claim because they took my money and 2 weeks later hadn't posted the goods the second time. Ignored emails, then once I filed the PP claim they thought it'd be a good time to tell me that the items actually weren't in stock, despite them saying they were.

The other time they were equally useless.

Zavvi often have pads for 18 quid or so. I got a black one a few months ago. Perhaps instore CEX are better, but online they're a shambles, with abysmal customer service.

tesco £18 for white and £22 for black


these were £10 at cex a few months back, I may find the thread if I can be bothered....
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