Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter - £43.99 delivered play-asia
I have been looking for one of these for a while, all prices i find are around £59.99.

play-asia offer this for only £44 delivered. just ordered mine, hope this offer helps others

I've checked the reviews of this product and have found many 5 star reviews from foriegn buyers saying it obviously works with PAL systems because it uses a USB port (obviously). Just to immunise any worry about it not working.

Only problem there seems to be is that the instructions are in asian or chinese, however if you have basic knowledge of computers you'll work it out, if not, download english instructions offline.

- asky


Nice price! I just got mine in pcworld for 49.99 :-(

saw a 2nd hand one for £29.99 in Blockbuster. Kicking myself that I did not buy this now....

Be prepared to pay customs charges and VAT on top of the £44 - you may be lucky and not be charged then again you may be unlucky. Royal Mail charge an administration fee to collect these customs charges (£8?). Just bear this in mind when ordering.....

voted hot!

i got mine from play asia many months ago

never had any probs with taxes etc

I got mine from play aisa a few months back with a $5 off voucher & a $2.50 off voucher - came very quickly & no extra charges. I understand you may get charged customs but I think it's more a case of being unlucky if you get charged as opposed to being lucky if you don't (I know a lot of people who order from this site & none of them have been charged also few people online seem to post on these threads saying they have been charged.)


More get charged than you might think (see thread below) - I'm not saying you shouldn't go for this deal but if you are charged customs taxes this will work out more expensive than PC World.....

This deal has been posted several times from play-asia and it was cheaper before as well.

As Gari mentioned, you could easily be hit with customs charges, paying a lot more than the standard prices in your local and it'll take longer to arrive.

Beat this ... igot one of these from the carboot sale for 50p it was hiding in a box of old network leads marked 50p each,when i asked to make sure the woman said 50p,i couldnt get my money out fast enough....sweet ! it works fine too..... deal of the decade !:p


Nice price! I just got mine in pcworld for 49.99 :-(

I'm glad you posted your 'disappointment' at this price! I'm ordering it now as I've not found anywhere cheaper (I don't want to risk customs charges on the asia one). Cheers.
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