Xbox 360 Wireless Package: £59.97 @ Comet

Xbox 360 Wireless Package: £59.97 @ Comet

Found 4th Apr 2008
Wireless Entertainment Pack (includes additional wireless controller, viva pinata, and forza 2), plus xbox 360 hdmi av cable, plus xbox 360 play and charge kit.

Separate selling price £109.97 - save £50!

Collect from store price


think everyone has (or has had) those games!

I think both of these games are available at Argos for £10 each and you can get a new wireless controller for £20.
So you can get the same stuff for £40 + the added bonus that you can trade the 2 games once you are done with them.

The games that come in this package cannot be traded an a highstreet store as thay have no barcode and have 'Bundle Copy' written on the front.

Not HDMI cable in the comet picture, its a standard component cable like you already get with the xbox so probably a third party one.

Viva Pinata £10ish
Forza £10ish
Controller £22ish
Play and Charge £14ish
component Cable £10ish

If it was the official microsoft HDMI cable then that would make this HOT!

paid 17.99 for exactly this from zavvi about 4 months ago . not such a hot deal im afraid
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