Xbox 360 Wireless Silver Controller With Play & Charge Kit - £29.86 @ Shopto
Xbox 360 Wireless Silver Controller With Play & Charge Kit - £29.86 @ Shopto

Xbox 360 Wireless Silver Controller With Play & Charge Kit - £29.86 @ Shopto

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A whole 13p cheaper! + Quidco

Bought one of these 2 weeks back from Argos and it is so much better than my Elite Pads.


Why is it better>?

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The D-pad is much improved.

Ordered. Cheers

Yes, I find the d-pad is massively better - in both "+" and circle modes (up & down), not just in its new + format.

If I'm not mistaken, it also works as a wired controller on PC. I plugged it in to my PC charge and it was recognised

Does any of yours make a squeaking noise when you press the d-pad?

Heat added for a good price.
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The D-pad is much improved.

Improved... but still terrible.


Great price, thought this was a decent price for £39 at Argos. The rotating D-Pad doesn't make it better for fighters than the PS3 but it's an improvement, and the grooves on the analogue sticks won't wear away as fast as the dots on the normal pad.

The only way this could be hotter is that if it went into ice first

I got one of these from argos the £29-99 one that came with a play and charge kit.

D pad is not improved at all it just feels like the old D pad with A + lobbed on the top I traded mine in at cex and got a TE stick.

The D pad on these in fact I found less responsive than the Black one that came with my slim.

You have been warned if you are looking at getting one for improved D pad performance.
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The whole + concept doesn't add an awful lot as not many games use it for anything major other than beat em ups. However the new style analogue sticks are MUCH better than before and the reason to purchase. Slightly deeper indentation than previous iterations means your thumb fits perfectly and no 4 dots that wear out in 2 weeks. To add to this the pad feels much more solid in the hand, like the build quality has been improved. Because of the included play & charge (with battery) this is a bargain. Hot!

I have to agree that imo this feels much better to use than the normal white / black controllers, and it really does feel like the build quality is better too. Just my opinion though.

Either way, 30 nuggets for the controller and charger is not to be sniffed at. I voted hot.

thanx! just ordered 1 for £27.86 with MCVAWARDS2011 £2 off code
im looking forward to playing gta on xbox live again - without having my character keep on moving when i let go of the stick! xD

Other than the colour is this any different from shopto.net/XBO…ml ??

They are both the same price.

Edit I have my answer already from studying the screenshots. They are different. The black one is the old model. The reason I asked is because my console is black and obviously the black one would go better with it.

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Has anyone else had their shopto.net account credit wiped out inexplicably?
Mine has and I know for a fact that I did not use it.
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Expired it's £36.85 now.
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