xbox 360 wirless adaptor £14.99

xbox 360 wirless adaptor £14.99

Found 18th Feb 2007
i am not sure if this is right but i have ordered 1 myself and the cheapest ive seen it anywhere else is £50 you must get it…=-1


Looks like it's supposed to be the crossfire adapter. I think they just have the wrong picture inserted.

They sell this item under the title Wireless Bridge for £55 so looks like the wrong pic...…434

...ordered one anyway to see what happens - make sure you get a screenshot for any disputes

Yep it says release date was the 16-2-07 and that is when the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows was released so it's the wrong pic and the right price as it's only selling for £14.99 on Amazon

Just as a reference the best price for the crossfire wireless gaming reciever is gameplay at £11.99 delivered incase people actually want one



All your going to get is hassel and your money back minus postage back to hmv.

but it says the label is microsoft???

I wouldn't recommend doing this at all, HMV ruined my niece and nephews xmas, so i had to go and buy extra presents from the highstreet again and HMV didn't do anything about it.

All they did was send an automated response and appologise for taking 2 weeks to send me that but didn't offer anything.

I fear there will be some more very unhappy customers to this terrible online company and be warned, they're just HMV by name but they're seperate entities to the highstreet, so don't expect good customer service.

Pc Adaptor For Xbox 360 Wireless Accessories

Thats the product name for this on HMV, so its the wrong pic, but it will be an accurate description of the crossfire dealy.

Your just gonna end up with hassle tbh

watch this post go cold


watch this post go cold

Sadly, i agree


]If anyone is interested, then gameplay have the same item for £11.99 In … ]If anyone is interested, then gameplay have the same item for £11.99 In stock and free delivery.

I take it you skipped post 6# when you read this thread
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