XBOX 360 with Medal Of Honour: Airbourne for £199.99 @ Whsmiths

XBOX 360 with Medal Of Honour: Airbourne for £199.99 @ Whsmiths

Found 9th Nov 2007
I was just in my local Whsmiths and saw this offer:
"Save £29.99 when you buy an XBOX 360 and Medal of Honour for £199"

I asked a member of staff if they had any 360's in stock and was told they don't even stock them!
When I pointed out this offer she went and had a look out the back but said they didn't have any.

In the offer there was no mention of whether it was Premium, Pro, Arcade or Core, but the picture showed an XBOX with a wireless controller and a hard drive so I presume its a Premium.
They also had another offer that specifically mentioned it was a Core (360 Core + Prey for £179)

I can't find any mention of this offer on their site so I presume it's in-store only.


I'm confused, so do they have xbox's or not?

i'm glad i'm not the only one who's confused!

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Well, my local store doesn't have any, yours might.

Can anyone confirm that this deal is actually on? I may be able to check the Cardiff store tomorrow if I go down but if not can someone else confirm at their local store?

have tried two in newcastle NO GOOD

I have just seen this advertised in my local Smiths (Wolves). I read the small print and it made no mention of whether it was the core or premium/pro console. The wireless controller in the picture could be misleading though, I think you get one in the new core arcade pack so its not necessarily a premium. Already got a 360 and was rushing off to buy COD4 so didnt ask a memeber of staff.

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Cheers, so I wasn't imagining it then!
If my store had any I would try my luck with a Premium since it doesn't state otherwise and the photo clearly shows a Premium.

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I checked the Bath store BTW.

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No, I think its in-store only.

They don't sell consoles online. If anyone needs to know tonight if its a premium in the offer try ringing one of their stores thats open late, like the Trafford Centre one - phone numbers on their website.

Spoke to helpful staff in Leeds who received stock today. They said it was an Arcade version. Still a good deal

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Oh well.

Expired I guess then.

No stock in Salisbury
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