XBOX 360 + WWF07 + FORZA 2 + PGR 3 + ARCADE + 2 WIRELESS = £229

XBOX 360 + WWF07 + FORZA 2 + PGR 3 + ARCADE + 2 WIRELESS = £229

Found 2nd Nov 2007
I ordered this from John Lewis and used the £20 code to get this price, however I received pgr3 and arcade on top of advertised deal...

So reckon with quidco this is a bargain....

(pgr3 and arcade came bundled with second wireless controller)
- dogonbike
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thats not bad1
Cracking deal....and no HDMI but don't let that cloud this deal....
so u got this when?
ps if you have mbna card can u get another 10% of/
Delivered today....and back in stock...
it says 1 year guarantee.
Don't all Xbox's come with 3 Years warranty?

Don't all Xbox's come with 3 Years warranty

no - as far as I know they come with 1 year but certain things are covered for 3 like the overheating thing with the red rings.

So did you receive PGR3, arcade and the controller by mistake? If so, it's hardly a "deal"
I am guessing that it is the wireless entertainment pack, the older one and not the new one with forza2 in. That includes a wireless controller, PGR3 and the Arcade pack.…IOI

Awesome deal!
Thanks for the tip off, I ordered one. Did yours have a disc in the arcade version? Mine is just a piece of paper.

Also what is HDMI - I thought they all were ready for HD telly.
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