Xbox arcade + Assassins Creed or Halo 3 for £159.99 (3% Quidco Available)

Xbox arcade + Assassins Creed or Halo 3 for £159.99 (3% Quidco Available)

Found 13th Mar 2008
Considering assassins creed is worth 25 at the least, this offer is actually cheaper than On top of this you can earn close to another fiver from Quidco.

Following the recent price cuts, you can now purchase the Xbox 360 Arcade Console (No Hard Drive or HDMI just a memory card) for 159.99 including either Assassins Creed or Halo 3. Or you can get both for 179.99 (alternatively available with Lost & Mass Effect).


The arcade does have HDMI.

It's the core (arcade replaced it) that doesn't.

Don't anyone care to challenge this please. I'm right.

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Hahaha sorry if I sounded offensive :P I was supposed to put smilies.

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its ok, you're not half as rude as some of the people on the forum.

Well, I think the deal's excellent.

Idiots vote cold on here for no reason than the fact they're idiots.

My last deal's attracted nobody whatsoever, despite myself getting pretty excited about it (cheap usenet with the second best provider there is).

People here just seem to like stuff cheap and ******. Not Nicely cheap but better quality. Some can't even seem to work out a better deal in their heads.

Heat and rep left.

This does seem like a good deal with quidco too.

Any discount vouchers for game, currently?

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@ superpooper:
thank you very much, reciprocated.

@ Civilised it is actually better than the offer overall (which sells the console for 139.99, as the game is available for 25 at the cheapest). On top of this the quidco should knock off close to another Fiver (4.80).

Change the description in the title, like xbox arcade+Assassins Creed or Halo 3 for £159.99.

Im sure more ppl will look at it, free aaa game is a bit weird. Voted Hot

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Much appreciated, i have followed your advice

I meant: Are there any discount voucher codes available currently to use at, like the usual £5 off min spend of £30...?

Why is it so cold???

Assasins Creed is
Looks like the same deal is available on Halo3 too.


Why is it so cold???

Because most people on HUKD these days seem to only get excited if you post a deal for a tin of beans at half price at tescos for some reason:thinking:
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