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Posted 25 February 2024

[Xbox] Assassin's Creed Bundle: Valhalla, Odyssey, Origins - Sold by Games Key Shop (VPN Required, Argentina)

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This key includes Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Assassin’s Creed Origins.


1 - If your on a Laptop, download URBANVPN, it’s free and fast, connect to Argentina. If your on mobile, use Windscribe, it’s also fast & free.

2 - Once connected to Argentina, visit microsoft.com/redeem, and sign in if prompted, then redeem the code you purchased.

3 - That’s it! You’re good to go. You have successfully redeemed Assassin's Creed Bundle: Valhalla, Odyssey, Origins onto your Xbox account and can disconnect your VPN and now play freely, wherever, whenever.

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  1. haresh_doug's avatar
    I'm hearing you can get your account blocked by using different territory purchases
    TheCostOfLies's avatar
    Where are you hearing this. Has never been verified by a single user I've ever encountered, and people do this every day with hundreds, nay thousands of games and Live credit (edited)
  2. LCpl_Gungadin's avatar
    15 hours of decent stories, about 3000 hours of boring filler. The switch to bloated open world RPGs killed the series for me. (edited)
    snotters's avatar
    Can't argue. I loved Origins though, and put hours and hours into Odyssey (arguably the superior game) - including the truly excellent Atlantis DLC) - but despite this there were areas all over the map that were still undiscovered.

    The trouble is, the gameplay is great for the first 20 hours, levelling up, becoming stronger. But there's a point where you become too strong - it's no longer a challenge to face off any number of enemies. Then it becomes repetitive and tiresome.
  3. ThisIsFitz's avatar
    Insane value
  4. PulseMan's avatar
    Super deal. Managed to get the VPN. I got the digital key. Added this onto my xbox after activating whilst on VPN (laptop) and it says the code is not valid. It was purchased in a different region from your account. can anyone help? Much appreciated
    dabe1971's avatar
    Try changing your Microsoft account location to Argentina to redeem the code: Profile & system > Settings > System > Language & location.

    Once done, change it back and see if you can play once installed.
  5. _Titan_Warrior_X's avatar
    Just purchased! Thanks. £6.50
  6. haresh_doug's avatar
    Thank you! This worked a treat!
  7. Andre_Murta's avatar
    Thanks, worked here too
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