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Posted 21 September 2022

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller - £142.99 @ Xbox Store

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The Xbox Elite series 2 is on sale on Microsofts website at the moment.

Please note they also released the Core version of this today as well so I will link that here too if that is more suitable for some people


EDIT: Also available at Very

Xbox More details at Xbox
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    Like another has said, I’ve had a series 2 since launch with no issues. I’m only a relatively light user though.

    I recently bought another from Amazon as a spare when they were on offer for £130. Unfortunately, it had a scratchy right thumbstick (rough plastic on plastic rubbing when depressing the right thumbstick and rotating from 12 to 3 o’clock position). Thankfully no hint of stick drift or faulty buttons, etc.. Quality controller on these so called premium controllers are obviously suspect.

    In the end, considered myself lucky to receive a controller without any more serious issues. Contacted Amazon CS to agree a £50 partial refund as an alternative to returning/echanging it. Admittedly, they were a little taken aback by the size of the refund requested but quickly agreed. Given the number of controllers I see available for sale on Amazon Warehouse I can only imagine they have had a lot of these controllers returned.

    In conclusion, these are excellent controllers when they work. They appear to have suspect quality control issues and even if you are fortunate enough to get a good one they are certainly not bulletproof so won’t take too much abuse. I agree with some of the previous contributors, take out extended warranty if available or buy from Amazon for their relatively simple returns policy but negotiate hard if it isn’t in pristine condition.

    As for the price, given all these issues it is difficult to justify. Luckily, I’ve paid between £80 and £100 for each of my elite controllers which I think represents good value when you compare any of the elite controllers with the standard versions over the last five years or so.
    Thanks, I've always wanted to read War & Peace
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    Does the new model have a record button? Or do you have to go into dash and click y still?
    There’s still no record button on the front like the Series X|S controllers. However, if you are someone who only likes to use two paddles instead of four, then you can create your own Share buttons on the spare paddles.

    The way I have mine set up is that I have two paddles in the bottom left and right slots for game use. I leave the upper two paddles detached and I reach up and press the little buttons where the paddles actually slot in. I hit the upper right button to record a game clip and the upper left button to take a screenshot. You could obviously just leave the paddles in those slots if you prefer, but I find it easier and less cumbersome to just use the little buttons for the odd clip/screenshot. (edited)
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    Apparently the new core controller uses updated/better parts, I would be more inclined to buy that one but only time will tell, the quality control on these things is disgustingly bad, Im on my 3rd with problems but have given up sending the thing back, Ill keep this till it dies then move on.
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    Best controller when it works. Extremely disappointing when it inevitably fails. Absolutely terrible price
    Yeah they are bad for reliability, if you get through Very, Argos or Currys you can buy additional warranty for up to 3 years. its pretty much a must with these controllers
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    The price of a controller is WHAT!?
    I could not agree more! It's silly now!
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    I've had mine since launch, never had 1 issue and I've recently tested the stick drift with the software on pc and it's minimal with 2 years usage
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    Worth selling an arm and a leg?
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    My Y button sometimes doesnt register and the RB button double or triple registers a single click. Fantastic controller when it worked but i'll put up with it until the PS5 pro controller comes out and then returning it for a refund.
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    Check again...
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    Got one of these with my new series x, was worth every penny
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    Or get 3 x £50 giftcards from eneba for £135.71 with HOTUKDEALS code and get £7 account credit too
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    gave up on these after 5 which went faulty fairly quickly. I now use a dualsense on my pc with no problems after 6 months.
    Not a chance you had 5 faulty.
    You must some sort of controller rage.
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    What do these do differently to justify the price out of interest?
    The primary appeal is the back paddles. Are you aware how often you take your thumb off the left and right stick to press buttons in your favourite games?

    You can customise 3 profiles for your most frequently played games and switch between them on the fly. So in a shooter you might take your thumb of the right stick to hit X to reload. Just map X to a paddle. Maybe you want crouch or melee on a second paddle. A lot of people just use two paddles, but if you want you can attach and use all four paddles.

    There’s trigger stops too. It is expensive though but if you game a lot you’ll quickly appreciate the ease of use and comfort of not having to constantly move your thumbs off the sticks for long sessions.
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    I had two elite controllers in the past and they both developed the same fault with stick drift. I’ll stick with regular controllers
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    I'm pretty sure micrsoft upgraded all the warranties on these to two years if purchased after August 2020 (I think) should give people abit more peace of mind. I love mine
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    This seems overly expensive to me. I bought one less than a year ago for £88. Then I sold it on eBay for £110 last month. £143 seems like an absurd price to me... Way too high.

    Personally I prefer the standard controller anyway, since it takes good old AA batteries. This Elite one has a built-in Lithium-ion battery, which needs babysitting and will eventually die leaving you with a paperweight.
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    love mine - i'd say i'm a light to moderate user. maybe 5-10 hours a week. never rage. occasionally drop on the floor when it get's knocked off the sofa. mine has developed a pretty nasty drift up on the left stick which is a nightmare when trying to navigate any menu. it's out of warranty. looking for a replacement with some kind of extended warranty at a sub £100 price.
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    What's the difference between this one and this one? xbox.com/en-…ore
    Scroll down on the page you linked and it tells you
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    So other than the dodgy battery, the tendency for them to be defective, and the wildly exorbitant price, there are no problems. And people actually buy these?