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Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller (Used - Like new £64.08 or very good £60.20) at checkout @ Amazon Warehouse

£64.08£75.2515% off
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Posted 12th Jul 2022 (Posted 19 h, 20 m ago)

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

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Quite a load of these available if interested! It's 20% off at checkout if you have prime.

  • High-quality gaming equipment for demanding gamers
  • Connectivity: Connect to consoles Xbox with Xbox Wireless or using the supplied 9” USB-C cable. Connect wirelessly to PCs, tablets, Windows 10 and Android devices, and iOS devices using Bluetooth or with the included 9” USB-C cable. Connect to a Windows 7 or 8.1 PC using the included 2.7m USB-C cable. Some features are not supported
  • Compatible with Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, and iOS. Functionality depends on compatible device and operating system version
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  1. Avatar
    Ordered. Last two I ordered were faulty but still had MS warranty remaining on them, both replaced by MS with a brand new controller. Well worth the punt, and if it's got no MS warranty left then just return to Amazon for a refund.
  2. Avatar
    Amazon provide 1 year warranty right on warehouse orders? Furthermore if you buy the "like new" item it's described as "An item in perfect working condition" so you'd be be backed by Consumer Law if there are any faults at all. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    I am getting £143.00
    I just bought 1 now for this price. Go to filter and choose "like new" along with prime to give you all the options.

    It will show £80 and Amazon discount 16% over price £64. Something like that. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    4 left now, just picked one up.

    Where can I check the warrenty info for MS?
    Serial number is on the controller - enter it on the Microsoft website and it'll tell you if there's any warranty left
  5. Avatar
    Worlds most unreliable controller yet again receiving heat.

    Replying to

    Went through 3 of them, bought 2 from Amazon and one from Argos. All returned for the same fault. The lettered buttons which required mashing for input to be registered.
  6. Avatar
    Sorry, so what is so special about these please?
    They have a few extra features compared to a regular Xbox controller: -

    Swappable sticks and D-pad (6 sticks and 2 D-pads are included)
    Adjustable stick tension
    4 removable paddles on the back that you can map controls to (my favourite feature)
    Trigger stops, to shorten the travel of the triggers
    Store up to 3 mappings on the controller
    Built-in rechargeable battery with USB charging pad
    Carry case

    A lot of people have problems with them though, me included. I went through 3 that all had issues out of the box before giving up and getting a refund. Common problems are 1 or more face buttons not properly registering presses or getting stuck sometimes, the shoulder buttons registering 2 presses when they're only pressed once, and the dreaded stick drift.

    Given the price, I've gone for a "like new" one, cos if it has issues, I'll just return it for a refund. If it works as intended, £64 is a bargain.
  7. Avatar
    expire as its £80 for like new now
    You have to have prime (i had to sign up first) and get the right like new sale, it wasn't working for me until I used the filters to show used like new:

    £64.08 at checkout thanks @jaju123 (edited)
  8. Avatar
    I got one delivered, Amazing piece of kit but the MS website says it’s in warranty only until March 2023.

    Not sure if I should keep it or if there’s a chance there’s another one with longer warranty.
    buy the extended warranty from microsoft it was something like £20 for 3 years warranty

    https://support.xbox.com/en-US/help/hardware-network/accessories/get-microsoft-complete-for-xbox-one#:~:text=To%20extend%20warranty%20coverage%20for%20your%20Xbox%20system%2C,your%20Microsoft%20Complete%20coverage%20period%2C%20contact%20Xbox%20Support. (edited)
  9. Avatar
    ordered one last year for same price. No issues and looked almost new. Defo worth a punt. And just return if not happy.
  10. Avatar
    Thanks. I think I'll give this a punt. Is there any software that can be used with this to test for stick drift and that it's in full working order? Or is it a case of load up a game and give it a whirl?
    There's the controller app on the Xbox which I believe has an interface which allows you to detect and adjust the motion of the joysticks.
  11. Avatar
    Was tempted to order one, I don't need it, but with all the reports of issues, I decided not to pull the trigger. Great price but I CBA for the hassle, the standard Xbox controller does the job for me.
  12. Avatar
    I bought one of these like new amazon warehouse controllers maybe 18mths ago. I'm now on my 3rd one from Microsoft. The first one was replaced with a brand new one under warranty (BNIB) but the 2nd one was replaced by a refurb controller only, as it was outside of warranty by then. The 3rd one is still going strong for now. It's a great controller when it works but the failure rates are staggering on these. Worth a punt at £64 I think, if you can be bothered with the UPS returns process (if you have to use it).
    I've had a similar experience. My controller started suffering stick drift, so I returned it to Microsoft under warranty. The replacement they sent me (I'm assuming a refurb) lasted 6 weeks before one of the triggers started sticking. Again, it was sent back. This time the replacement had a sticking 'A' button straight out of the box !.
    The returns process is very straightforward and fast, with the replacement units being sent to me within 4 days, but that's beside the point....I don't want to keep sending faulty products away to be supplied with equally defective goods.
    As you say, these controllers are great bits of kit for the short time they work, but I couldn't recommend them to anyone knowing their flaws. (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Thank you i managed to get 1
  14. Avatar
    Showing £75.25 at checkout, how are you getting a discount?
    you need amazon prime for it to work, but you can sign up for a trial if you dont have it
  15. Avatar
    I was looking for one of these, my first pro controler. I need this for Elden Ring. I bought "like new" for £64, hopefully it's as advertised.
  16. Avatar
    All cheap ones are gone.
    I just checked is still available, use the filter if you can find it. Filter only the "used like new" same price 64 (edited)
  17. Avatar
    Thanks, may take a punt at this price.
  18. Avatar
    If i buy a used - very good controller which still has MS warranty will MS honour it if it’s faulty or no because i didnt buy it new
    They would honour it
  19. Avatar
    I missed out on this deal…..looks like wasnt meant to be
    There's still "Used - Very Good" ones available for £60.20, but the "Like New" ones are sold out.
  20. Avatar
    Ordered. Hopefully I get a nice one that may even be in warranty??
  21. Avatar
    When it comes to secondhand controllers I take the Nancy Reagan approach.

    Just say no.
  22. Avatar
    Ordered an hour earlier than this deal was posted for £75. Just cancelled and reordered this for £64.
  23. Avatar
    I bought one of these last year from Amazon - one of the triggers wasn't quite right, but it was still under warranty so Microsoft sent me a replacement. I ended up with a spare set of buttons / triggers too, because Microsoft only asked for the faulty controller itself to be sent in, yet the replacement came with full accessories.
  24. Avatar
    Bought a used one last year for £90 odd, lots of money for a controller but definitely my favourite controller I've probably ever had.
    Grips are really nice and has a good weight to the controller compared to the standard Xbox one or the Dualshock/sense.

    Heat at this price

    Edit: should also note never had any issues with mine, compared to dualsense and switch which have both had drifting issues (edited)
  25. Avatar
    Thanks, just picked one up
  26. Avatar
    I’ve had one of these since march. Works fine! Warranty with Microsoft until next year too
  27. Avatar
    That's a steal for one of these! The build quality is great. Haven't had an issue with mine!
  28. Avatar
    Ordered "Very Good" for £60.20 - "Like New" not showing Prime Day discount. Hoping to get a good one as my ~5 year old 360 controller has developed stick drift.
    search like new in the filters, it will show up if you have prime, I used an incognito window to make it work.
  29. Avatar
    Think at £60 for a good one I’m going to take the punt. If not I’ll just send it back
  30. Avatar
    Fact they've made the batteries non removable is enough to get a nope from me, and that's before mentioning stick drift and other quality control issues.
  31. Avatar
    i purchased this last year for £65 for very good from Amazon Whse got the controller looked like new but turns out the paddles at the back the switch wasn't working and i had some drift on 1 of the sticks. sent back obviously, hopefully 2nd time lucky this time?
  32. Avatar
    At £60 it's only £5 more than the regular ones which you can only get from MS, without paying extortionate prices, at the moment. Ordered.
  33. Avatar
    Very good still available
  34. Avatar
    Still available
  35. Avatar
    Only "very good" left which I don't trust
  36. Avatar
    All gone
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