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Posted 14 September 2022

Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller, Black - £142 @ Amazon

£142£159.9911% off
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  • High-quality gaming equipment for demanding gamers
  • Connectivity: Connect to consoles Xbox with Xbox Wireless or using the supplied 9” USB-C cable. Connect wirelessly to PCs, tablets, Windows 10 and Android devices, and iOS devices using Bluetooth or with the included 9” USB-C cable. Connect to a Windows 7 or 8.1 PC using the included 2.7m USB-C cable. Some features are not supported
  • Compatible with Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, and iOS. Functionality depends on compatible device and operating system version
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    can somebody explain to me why these are worth so much compared to a regular xbox pad?
    Everybody’s mileage will vary, but for me the weight is a big plus and it has a much more premium feel to it. I like that I can adjust the tension on the analogue sticks so that they feel tighter, I like the rechargeable battery and the trigger stops are a big game changer. The level of customisation is great (being able to just swap out the thumb stick if the rubber wears down ). But everyone is different and they definitely aren’t for everybody. I usually use my Elite controller while gaming but yesterday I picked up my standard controller instead and the standard controller definitely feels more toyish when comparing the 2.
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    Don’t waste your money on these. They just go wrong so many issues
    My Elite still works perfectly
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    i would wait for the new model which was announced last week.
    It’s exactly the same just doesn’t come with the spare thumb sticks, paddles etc isn’t it?
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    Have to say as a recent newcomer to all things Xbox my elite controller ‘feels’ miles better than the standard one. That having been said I left it on charge upstairs about a month ago and haven’t bothered to retrieve yet even though i am on the Xbox most days.
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    Worst controller ever had the elite 1 lasted for years. Got this had stick shift sent back got new one same issue sent back again and that had button broke got money back. Tried again a year later and got stick shift seems it's a very common fault lots work fine but I have just been unlucky
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    Mine developed stick drift one week after the warranty expired. I really liked it until that happened.
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    Damn... That's pretty expensive
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    They're soon releasing these for £120rrp (without case + alternate sticks if you actually want those) so I wouldn't recommend them at this price.
    You get the magnetic charging case, extra thumb sticks etc for £142 here or £120 for the Core Elite 2 controller and £55 for the accessories that’s £175, if you want the charging case etc surely it’s better buying this set.
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    Price of these will drop massively once the new model hits the stores in a few weeks.
    Why would the price drop? The Elite 2 core that’s being released is the same as this just without the extra magnetic charger, thumb sticks, dpad etc. which are now being sold separately at £55.