Unfortunately, this deal has expired 4 December 2022.
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Posted 4 October 2022

Seagate Xbox External 2TB Hard Drive - £30 in Sainsbury's York

In store: York · Sainsbury's Deals
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Includes a month of game pass too, quick skim online looks like it is compatible with new gen, you just can't play optised games off it.

Much cheaper option than the expansion card if you aren't bothered about not being able to play optimised games off it

Edit - the one month free game pass expired in 2020, but works a dream on my xbs-s


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    If you don't mind refurbished (which for game storage seems OK), you can get a 2TB from Western Digital, in white for £31.49. Just sign up for their newsletter to get a 10% off code to bring the price down
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    Release the geese!
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    None here

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    Absolute steal for what it is. Bear in mind you can only store xbox series x / s games on this not play them but good to store them and switch them back when you want them. Xbox one s / x / original is fine for all games.
    So what's the point of it for the series X/S ? You download the game to this drive, and when you want to play you have to copy the game to the internal hard drive?
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    Hello Great HotUKDealers
    Could anyone please advise me? Could this hard drive be connected to a non-Apple regular laptop to back up ordinary files like Microsoft Word documents? Or will this only work at connecting to a Xbox? I am not too tech-savvy so all advice would be most welcome!
    Yes it’s a normal hard drive but this is all moot as the chances of you finding one are zilch
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    I've expired this as I've just been and there all gone.
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    Wow great price
    Wild goose chase
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    Great price for a 2tb hard drive, regardless of being xbox branded.
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    Wow great 1st post op. Have some heat
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    Hope you bought the last one lol
    I thought that. Doubt that last one is there now.
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    Damn, I live in York but away all day tomorrow? anyone fancy picking me one up? pretty plleeeaseeeeee
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    Might be worth noting that some X/S optimised games do run from a standard external HDD/SSD!
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    I think this is the 2017 model. Amazon sold the 4TB edition of the 2021 model for £66.99 on Prime Day; if you're interested in this it could be worthwhile looking out for another similar promotion on that!
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    Great price if you can find somewhere that has stock. Probably only a handful at most spread across the country though.
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    Good price for whomever got the last 1.
    Not sure if I should make the trip, looong journey from the south coast.
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    Which sainsburys ? May go geese hunting
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    Heat added - sadly I think this a wild goose chase, but still, thanks for sharing!
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    Is this effectively a standard external hard drive but pre-formatted for Xbox?
    I don’t think you need any specific format for Xbox on external HD’s, I bought a 14T for £22 on eBay with no problems bud (no brand though).
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    For £30 no brainer
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    What's an optimised game?
    X/S in the corner of the game picture. Fully optimised for current gen hardware.
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    Just overheard my mother in law telling my wife she's going to sainsburys in York, I've sent her on the hunt!
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    I bought one of these around the start of the year for my Series S. Unfortunately randomly failed/died after a few weeks but Seagate were great in getting a replacement sorted out for me. New one hasn't skipped a beat.
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    will it work with ps5?
    Yeah, it’s just a regular external HDD with branding
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    Even as an external HDD not for gaming this is a steal. Gonna grab one if I can find one in stock
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    48367461-Qhtqh.jpgTamworth might be worth checking. This stock app ain't the most accurate thing in the world but looks at least like there might be hope.
    What's the app?
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    Might have a look in my local Sainsburys stores but I don't think either sell games or game accessories anymore (apparently the population of Wakefield don't game? 😏) (edited)